After an Instagram scam artist took up the task of hacking the platform’s CEO’s account, his followers were left in shock to see his account memorialized like that of a recently deceased person.

The hacker, going under the handle of @syenrai, claimed to have been paid 60$ to do it and explained the process in full, which sounded pretty simple to anyone with a bit of computer experience.

It seems that the 38-year old social media mogul Adam Mosseri may have left a few loopholes in his social media platform, allowing for users to get an account memorialized simply by submitting any proof of the person’s death, with Syenrai claiming to have done it in the past with just photoshopped obituaries.

This does seem like an odd topic to touch on, especially given that the whole thing was possibly just a prank but it unveils a darker side to social media that many might refuse to see.

Namely, Syenrai claims the person who requested the „prank” never stated the reason behind it and added that he just went with it for the money.

An account usually takes a couple of days or weeks to get unlocked, but naturally, with Mosserris privileges due to his CEO position the issue was resolved in a couple of hours.

Back on topic, the hacker isn’t too vain either, as he admits to his wrongdoings and criticizes anyone else who does the same, claiming that there is an entire industry of banning hiding behind Instagram’s cheery surface.

Many operate with prices similar to Syenrai’s but some charge more under the pretense of the service being that much better, but who is to be trusted in a network of people whose jobs are to ruin other’s experience on some completely obsolete form of media.

An entire industry based on grudges

An Instagram official has left a statement on the issue, saying that the app has online forms to submit suspicious behavior and that those forms, however necessary, feed into this banning and removal community that Instagram users have built.

Others from the banning community have stepped forward too, with some of them even claiming it to be a full-time job as they bring in 5 figures each month just submitting reports on people.

It would seem that people have begun to take social media too seriously, and there is no telling where it could all lead, with fake deaths probably only being a stepping stone for far worse things to come.