Following Gavin Newsom, California governor’s return to the public eye, Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, was also seen attending the posh wedding of John Paul Getty’s great-granddaughter Ivy Getty.

This doesn’t seem like anything worth reporting until one notes that not a single guest, including mask mandate peddler Pelosi, was seen wearing a sanitary mask, despite San Francisco’s harsh covid regulations and safety measures.

Now, while it may be true that the wedding reception required all guests to provide proof of vaccination which goes along with the ruling that indoor gatherings require proof of vaccination, it can be seen in the pictures that the guest list far exceeded the allowed number of 100 attendees.

Currently, California’s kids are forced to wear masks for up to 7 hours a day, with some sources claiming that the schools force them to put them back on between bites during lunchtime, and somehow, the wealthy are exempt from this rule?

Pelosi officiated the wedding and was seen maskless in all the photographs, some of which showed clear violations of the state’s covid procedures, leaving many furious, and rightfully so given the amount of hypocrisy Pelosi and her gang keep serving us.

Media backlash for the wealthy’s disregard for the rules

Liz Wolfe, editor of Reason magazine criticized the lavish wedding and its attendees for not adhering to the rules all of us mere mortals must abide by while our kids are masked up for days on end in school.

Reopen California Schools, the Twitter account of a California based volunteer group under the same name, wondered why these guests were able to do this and get away with it, adding that the wedding was a slap in the face to the kids whose school dances were canceled due to the same regulations Pelosi and hundreds of others at the wedding refused to follow.

When questioned on the matter and presented with photo evidence from the wedding, the San Francisco Department of Health refused to leave a statement, a common pattern that emerges when anyone left of center pops up in the media sporting the no mask look.

California’s Schools stated that the event infuriated them, adding that the situation has reached a boiling point and that parents will not stand and watch as their kids struggle to breathe through a cloth all day while wealthy individuals like Pelosi continue to show complete disregard for the rules.

If your kid’s birthday is coming up and you want the celebration to be a blast, just put Pelosi on the guest list, as long as she’s there no one has to play by the rules it seems.