MSNBCs latest hot take has already brought joy to any American with a functional brain, with the network tweeting that „inflation is a good thing”, which after the ridicule of many was wiped off the face of Twitter without explanation.

The tweet was a promotion for their piece on the same topic, with the article focusing on the idea that other media including CNN, which is on their team, by the way, have over-exaggerated inflation fears and that rising prices signal an economy’s strength.

Anyone reading this and not saying „Wow” should do a double-take, as that would mean that Venezuela is not one of the most recession-ridden and corrupt countries in the world, but rather a strong economic force to be reckoned with.

Donald Trump Jr. Responded to the now-deleted tweet by comically showing the stages of denying inflation MSNBC has gone through.

The only ones not scream-laughing at this are probably the Biden administration, which were, coincidentally, the ones trying to downplay concerns over rapidly rising prices of everyday necessities.

Another Twitter user under the name of Rudy Harvenstein added that MSNBCs claim was just a way of escaping blame for the crisis about to come, under the pretense that if they denied it they couldn’t take the fall for it.

Biden’s „anti-American” policies might be to blame

Even democrats are turning against the network, with former congress candidate Barrington Martin II looking at the bigger picture, adding that MSNBCs claim just reflects the corruption of all media.

Commenters on other social media platforms have joined the bandwagon and no one seems to understand the reasoning behind such a statement, with many of them blaming the Biden administration for the situation the country was put in, and rightfully so given the other channels he’s deciding to pour money into.

James Surowiecki, MSNBCs columnist might come under heavy fire too after his statement that American pockets being filled with cash are the main catalyst for the inflation, blaming the alleged high demand for goods and services for the soaring prices of the aforementioned.

It is very clear that any human being needs food and water to survive and once those basic needs become too expensive to afford, MSNBC might just see the nonsense behind their claims.