Western transgenderist Marxists are a bizarre idiotic bunch whom we in the West, for whatever reason, have allowed to do as they please and corrupt our societies at will.

The Western societies, for ages the most advanced on the planet and the envy of all around the globe, have succumbed to the Marxist double plague of wokeism and transgenderism, which is wreaking havoc on all basic things human.

For some reason, however, Western transgenderist Marxists believe that everybody around the world will be just as tolerant as us here – because by now it has emerged for certain that we shouldn’t have been.

WTF: unisex hijab?!

Delusional as they are in their own horrifying pathologies, this brand of modern-day Marxists are telling themselves the little story that everybody will be buying their disgusting, morally decrepit crap.

So much so that Benetton, the global clothing and fashion brand, has now released a “unisex hijab”, an utterly ridiculous-looking headwear thing that is supposed to be marketed with Muslim men as well as women.

It must be absolutely certain that the radical and not-so-radical Muslims and Islamists from Morocco to Indonesia are completely enamored with the moronic unisex hijab idea.

Because their primary concern is not to allow “hurt feelings”, and to provide for the “rights” as well as “comfort” of feminists, transgederists, wokeists, and other sorry-a** wretched human beings.

Apparently Benetton or whoever told it to come up with the transgenderist hijab – which was available for purchase through the company website for the nice price of only $29.95 – are completely unaware that Islam remains far more medieval than today’s modern, secular Christianity.

And that might actually be for the better considering that the Muslim religion strictly prohibits the abomination that is transgenderism.

A ridiculous-looking unisex hijab was advertised on the company website with a ridiculous photo featuring a white male model.

So either the company was scared of becoming “politically incorrect” and “culturally insensitive” by featuring somebody with a more “Muslim” i.e. Arab or South Asian look, or its disgusting garment is targeted at the trans men living in the West and also converting to Islam – because what would they ever do in their free time!

Promoting disgusting Muslim headwear for everybody

The total deranged idiots that they are, at least some far-left activist morons have been trying to convince men and “trans” men to wear hijab, or its even more horrendous variants, niqab and burqa.

One such case is a violent female Antifa thug who shows in a hijab and an AR-15 rifle in Arizona events.

The latest far-left idiocy of the unisex hijab is as ludicrous as it gets, and not just because it won’t make major inroads into the clothing markets of Muslim countries.

It does, however, show how lunatic the transgenderist Marxists are.