Pentagon’s chief spokesman John F. Kirby argued that China’s newly acquired military technology might prove to have made the communist country a force to be reckoned with, but claims that the climate crisis is an equally important matter to attend to.

Kirby’s comments followed those of House speaker and established hypocrite Nancy Pelosi, who stated that the US military alone stands for as much pollution as nearly 140 countries combined.

Pelosi’s underling Kirby could not afford to disagree, adding that the climate crisis somehow easily qualifies as a threat to national security, putting it at the top of the list of threats to the US.

This all comes in the wake of China’s latest missile tests which demonstrated destructive power that many countries could only dream of, with even Russia and the US left in awe with the technological advancements China has made.

Experts claim China to be nearly a decade ahead of its competitors in the field, and that without urgent action, China could easily become the world’s strongest nation.

Naturally, the Chinese denied any sort of weapons tests, claiming the rockets to be a form of civilian transport vehicle, one that seems to have a very precise path and violent landing at its designated destination.

As if to lower our guard, China announced a cooperation with the US in its plan to tackle climate change, with China’s climate envoy Xie Zhenhua vowing to China aid in limiting the global warming rate to below 2 degrees celsius.

Biden continues to not do anything regarding the impending threat of war with China

The US climate envoy John Kerry, also spoke up, claiming that fighting climate change has to be a joint effort between the two of the world’s largest pollutants, with the cooperation deal being set for next week during Biden’s virtual summit with China’s President Xi Jinping.

The deal is rumored to be a form of cushion for Anthony Blinken’s threats of taking action should China decide to continue its assault on Taiwan and its people.

With that said, China continues to be a big red flashing light in the eyes of anyone sane enough to love this country, with China’s military even creating mock-ups of US-owned ships to be used for target practice with their latest anti-naval missile technology.

The nuclear power advancements are to be noted as well, with analysts presenting data that shows China surpassing the US in global power by mid-century or sooner.

Biden might have to hold onto his presidency like his life depends on it, because if the China situation spirals out of control as the Afghanistan one did, his mandate may not be long for this world.