When you end up seeing young children feeling compelled to rise up and fight injustice themselves, you know that the situation has really gone unbelievably catastrophic – but you also see tremendous hope.

One Florida 2nd grader, Fiona Lashells, has done just that – she stood up to the evil school board of her district over its totalitarian mask mandate, and she spoke out in defense of her constitutional rights.

And, as she defied the evil that the masker Tampa Bay school board has caused to her and her classmates, Fiona told the goody-goody self-righteous board officials she hopes they all end up in jail for all of that.

You can keep suspending me!

One thing that all should know about Fiona Lashells – besides her bravery and integrity as an American citizen who defends freedom and democracy – is that she has been suspended from school a whopping 38 times as a punishment for refusing to wear a mask, according to the Tampa Bay-based Free Press.

She told the maskers staffing the Tampa Bay board to their faces that she won’t change her mind on mask wearing “just because I get suspended” for not doing it.

Fiona, who just turned 8, and is a student at Palm Beach County, declared that “you can keep suspending me” and “I still have the right not to wear a mask”.

The 2nd grader also stressed how unfair it is that she is getting punished because the school board officials “aren’t following the law”.

She explained how dirty COVID-19 masks are, with all the bacteria, and all the mask-touching, and emphasized how she is still “going to stand up” for what she believes in.

“I hope you’ll go to jail for doing this to me,” Fiona concluded at the end of her Tampa Bay school board speech.

She also mentioned that her family is proud of her – and that has been verified by her mother, Bailey Lashells.

The parent is quoted as saying that, while her daughter loves doing all the typical games and other activities for children her age, she has also devoted herself to a mission to retake the constitutional rights that she and every other American kid is supposed to have.

Bailey Lashells said further that in this uphill battle, Fiona is facing a “tyrant school board” run by a financial expert who doesn’t have any knowledge of running safely and effectively the school district, which is the tenth largest in the United States.

Vicious mask mandate punishment for a young girl

Fiona served her first vicious mask mandate punishment on August 31, 2021, when she was punished with a referral and being forced to eat lunch alone in silence in an office hallway.

And this type of outrageous treatment is targeting an 8-year-old girl – just so some Biden administration stooges can prove their apparatchik loyalty to the regime, while the far-left agenda setters are getting theirs by terrorizing the American population in order to completely cower it into submission.

As the evil that has gripped America seems big and strong, it seems as though Fiona will be eating a lot more lunches in silence by herself – in a Soviet Union gulag-style treatment – which is precisely what the radical leftists want for all of us.