True far leftists and other nasty ideological subdivisions are truly happy people – simply because nothing is ever their fault, and they always have extremely impudent but seemingly powerful excuses for their failures and justifications for their crimes!

All those excuses

Modern-day American Marxism is deeply racist, sexist and all those other things because all it does is emphasize those “natural” characteristics.

And it utilizes its alleged existence in order to accuse anybody it hates precisely of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, misogyny, and so on, and so forth.

It’s just natural for the radical far-leftists to apply all of those with nothing by hypocrisy, duplicity, and double standards.

That’s how you end up with Marxism-wokeism emphasizing race, racializing, and self-segregation all the time, and still blaming its “class enemy” – usually white people, or white male people, or straight white male people – of being racist.

Jimmy Kimmel, the really self-conceited and really wealthy ever-grinning lefty host of ABC News’ late-night show (ingeniously named Jimmy Kimmel Live!), has just offered another one of those cases in hand – the kind that you love having just when you need them.

Kimmel was commenting on the news about a new public opinion poll finding that Kamala “the Democrat Veep” Harris’ approval rating to be a miserable 28%, ten points lower than even that of her senile boss Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden.

The wealthy lefty host came up with a wonderful insight as to why Kamala has a “historically poor approval rating”.

Namely, “racism and sexism”.

Racism and sexism


Because what else could it be??!

It certainly cannot be because Kamala is a good-for-nothing anti-American incompetent who only achievement as the deputy for Sleepy Joe so far has been repeatedly chuckling like a well-fed hyena on camera while overseeing the illegal resettlement of half the Third World into the United States.

Or it can’t be because watching Kamala in office is like watching Julia Loius-Dreyfus on HBO’s Veep, only the latter’s situations are just absurd, and not even funny.

It’s gotta be racism and sexism.

Poor Kamala.

How on earth was she even allowed to take that post of Vice President in such a racist and sexist county!

You know the firsts, right?

In his comments, Kimmel did state that Kamala’s job is that she has nothing to do – which is close to the truth which is that she is good for nothing.

He may be closer to the truth with his next comment: that Kamala is so unloved because she has to stand behind Biden during speeches, and when she does, she looks like an assassin.

Maybe a leftist-radical assassin trying to assassinate this country together with other Biden administration assassins.

So Kimmel might have a point and not be totally useless and harmful after all.