His basketball talent aside, NBA star LeBron James has emerged as increasingly repulsive in the past couple of years, and he routinely takes wokeist stances that oftentimes end in total embarrassment for him.

He has been especially “active” on Twitter with respect to “racist” police violence, a number of times making a fool out of himself with rash judgments based on flawed or insufficient information – or as a result of high emotion.

When in doubt, mock a young man in trouble after getting attacked by BLM

James seems to have done the latter again as he thought it might be a great idea to mock Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who is on trial for shooting three people in self-defense during last year’s BLM thug riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

On Wednesday, Rittenhouse testified in his own trial, and broke down crying as he recalled how he was assaulted by multiple people during the altercation amid the destructive BLM rally that he himself wanted to help guard against.

“What tears?????… I didn’t see one,” tweeted LeBron James, adding that the boy must have eaten “some lemons” before going to the court to testify.

Of course, when you are this rich and this wokeist, it’s so easy to forget basic humanity, not to mention the total lack of empathy for the fate of a young boy who may have just been defending his own life.

Luckily, there are always enough pro-conservative commentators ready to call out the wokeist nonsense by the likes of LeBron James.

LeBron cried over a cramp

Ben Shapiro from The Daily Wire immediately lambasted the NBA player for being a “great defender” of the tyranny of Communist China, and now for exposing himself as an “unparalleled dumpster fire” when it comes to “criminal justice.

Political commentator Stephen Miller ridiculed LeBron James even more brutally and efficiently as he reminded that Rittenhouse was crying since he was forced to shoot people in self-defense.

Then Miller reminded that, in contrast to the young Kenosha man, James has actually cried when he got a cramp.

Australian political commentator Rita Panahi doubled down on lambasting the NBA player for China by asking him if he knows what is happening with Hong Kong – Panahi also asked James what is happening in Northwestern China’s Xinjiang region, where Beijing has been carrying a giant ethnic cleansing campaign and sending ethnic Uighurs to concentration camps.

It is just utterly regrettable to see such vicious bias and lack of basic human empathy on behalf of the super-rich and famous stars, such as, in this case, LeBron James – who is both a wokeist and an avid supporter of the Chinese Communist Party.

But make no mistake: the two are actually reinforcing one another, and James is both faces of the coin.