Parents keep coming to blows with school authorities, and the instances of conflict just can’t seem to stop occurring.

It’s one thing after another, and an especially disturbing occurrence is reported to have taken place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It involves not only a school district’s governing board president, but his father too, and even more so, going by the former’s given statements, this in the Scottsdale Unified School District.

What happened was that an e-mail exchange between one of the school’s mothers and Jann-Michael Greenburg, the board president, revealed a google drive folder containing parents’ personal information, such as Social Security numbers, criminal records, etc.

The conversation itself saw Greenburg accusing said mother, Kim Stafford, of anti-Semitism and in the screenshots that Greenburg shared in the e-mails, Stafford saw a link to the google drive folder which she entered into the address search bar, promptly discovering the folder and much to her shock.

Moreover, Stafford has denied harboring anti-Semitic thoughts and explained that the screenshot was taken out of order, that she was in fact rebuking another person for anti-Islamic thoughts.

An interesting game of wrongthink.

Labeling anti-CRT parents as “lunatics”

As for the folder itself, it does not only hold raw information on the parents, which, by the way, was acquired by a hired private investigator, but also a staggering amount of screenshots of Facebook posts and group chats, and bodycam video clips (these were filmed by Greenburg’s father, Mark).

The screenshots as a rule display expressed political sentiments.

As a complement to all that, even some internet-style memes are featured in the folder, and some of the folders are titled holding epithets such as “wackos” and “lunatics,” referring to the “investigated” parents.

Greenburg Jr. has denied storing media in any way, including on google drive, and has promised an investigation into the matter.

The blame appears to fall solely on Mark Greenburg, but it seems unlikely to the parents and even some of Jann-Michael’s colleagues that he was not implicated at all, with some calling for his immediate resignation.

With incidents like these that alienate parents that care about their child’s wellbeing and education, there’s no telling where the radical left is taking this country and its people.