Following Project Veritas’ recent publication of Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley Biden’s personal diary, the FBI executed a brutal and unannounced raid on Veritas founder James O’ Keefe’s house, with them leaking internal documents from the organization to NY Times only a week after.

Namely, the diary in question portrayed Ashley’s disapproval of her power-crazed father and drug addict brother, who just so happen to be our President and his son, further calling her father a „bully with money and power.”

Naturally, this probably didn’t sit right with Joe and chances are that he orchestrated the raid himself, being the unapologetic, hypocrite he is.

The lack of ethics in the FBI continues to show, as the internal documents that were leaked were protected under client-attorney privilege, practically banning them to be viewed by anyone else, let alone be leaked to a public media outlet.

The documents in question contain a series of protocols and procedures, with many of them outlining the complete legality of all their operations, with the aforementioned being conducted in an ethical and legal manner, two words very alien to the FBI and their officials.

Clear violations and misconduct, but the perpetrator is above the law it seems

In the wake of the leaks, a federal court has ordered the cease of withdrawal of any form of information or documentation belonging to Mr. O’ Keefe, which might just stop Biden’s plan to stand in the way of completely legal forms of journalism.

So far, from an outside perspective, the president’s and the FBI’s handling of the situation might reminisce the actions of some third world dictatorship, and could only be the first step in revealing a massive amount of abuse of power and pervasive misconduct against the conservative media.

Previous events have shown just how far the FBI is willing to go to sabotage the conservatives, with the agency falsely claiming that Trump’s victory in 2016 was due to his alleged collusion with the Russians in a successful attempt to fix the election results.

The FBI will eventually have to settle at a spot that isn’t above the law, but when that will happen still remains an unknown variable.

Joe Biden’s support continues to go down and this totalitarian-like behavior he is presenting isn’t going to help, with many democrats only now realizing whose hands they put their country in.