Even before he occupied the White House in January, it had been perfectly clear that you, or the American public, or anybody couldn’t rely on Sleepy Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden to do anything good, constructive, or useful for the United States of America.

That pre-existing conclusion has been painfully reaffirmed ever since, with all the disasters that Biden has caused on behalf of the federal government, and all the chaos he has wreaked on the grand American nation.

What can you rely on Biden for?

Against this backdrop, there are two very distinctive things for which Sleepy Joe can be relied upon.

The first one is the above: namely, that he is going to bring about horrifying crises and disasters even where there aren’t any, and, for already existing ones, he will exacerbate them to the point of implosion.

The second thing for which you can always, always, always rely on Joe “the Democrat President” Biden is that he will make all kinds of embarrassing, hard-to-watch, oftentimes impossible-to-stomach speech gaffes.

These are usually so horrendous that they stopped being funny right from the start: even those Biden opponents who might hate his guts, aren’t overjoyed by his blunders simply because they are so nasty and terrible for the entire nation.

Of course, the Marxist puppeteers who put forth the old, senile, mentally lost men in the White House don’t care about that.

In his latest gaffe on Thursday, Sleepy Joe, aka “the President”, was giving an address on Veterans Day at the National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia.

In his speech, Sleepy Joe was speaking to honor Donald Blinken, an Army vet, US Ambassador to Hungary, and the father of Biden’s own Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Why not tell a story about a “great negro”?

At one point, Biden digresses with a story about American baseball legend Satchel Paige.

Paige first played in what was known as the “Negro Leagues”, and then moved in the 1940s to Major League Baseball.

At this point, Biden embarrassingly called Paige “the great negro, pitcher of the Negro leagues” – using a version of the N-word, which, while not as extreme as the other variant, is still highly inappropriate and insulting to black Americans.

Unperturbed by his highly embarrassing speech gaffe, Sleepy Joe the Democrat President just went ahead with the story about Satchel Paige – more specifically, how an “amazing Satch”, as he called him, pitched a win on his 47th birthday against Chicago.

The story ended with a quote from Paige in which, when asked about his age, he asked how old a person would feel if that person didn’t know his or her age.

78-year-old Empty Shelves Joe then cracked a not-funny joke saying that he is just 50 years old, while former Ambassador Donald Blinken, who is 95, is 47.

That was just another day in the Biden Mind’s Blunderland.