How many of those are there going to be?

It’s like every single political reporter – especially if they work for the pro-Marxist-Communist-Leftist mainstream media propaganda machines – is releasing a book about the January 6 events in Washington, DC, to make a few bucks.

Yet another such book, with the nasty, anti-American title of “Betrayal”, has emerged, and it, too, peddles plenty of anti-Trump propaganda over the storming of the US Capitol on January 6.

The book’s author is Jonathan Karl from ABC News, who claims that Trump is defending his supporters who on that day wanted to hang Vice President Mike Pence for not refusing to certify the results from the 2020 election.

Claiming a wedge between Trump, Pence

A report by Axios which obtained a taped interview that Karl did with President Donald Trump in March 2021, seeks to drive home the feeling that Trump wanted to throw Pence to a violent crowd that was going to kill him, a totally erroneous, misleading accusation on both of those counts.

On the tape, Trump does state that “the people were very angry”, and that he didn’t worry about Vice President Pence at the time, simply because he was aware that Pence was well-protected, and “in very good shape”.

With the latter, Trump was apparently meaning that nothing had happened to Pence, who was safe.

Then what Karl expectedly and perfidiously does in the interview is trying to push the 45th President of the United States on some “hang Mike Pence” chants.

Trump responds to that provocation by stating that “it’s common sense” that “you’re supposed” to protect.

In the tape, he further laments what he says is the fraudulent 2020 election, adding that if a vote was fraudulent, it could not be sent to Congress for confirmation.

Trying to provoke Trump

The ABC reporter’s book on “Betrayal” is yet another of those “insightful” and “meaningful” anti-Trump publications seeking to interpret the words and actions of the then President as something extremely gruesome and part of a vicious plot or at least some vicious on the spot behavior of President Trump.

POTUS 45 also told Karl that he had spoken to “top constitutional scholars” who told him that Mike Pence shouldn’t have ratified Sleepy Joe Biden’s election victory.

As the Jonathan Karl interview was made in March, the emotions were still running very high, and a clearly emotional Trump could be heard as he is totally convinced that the 2020 election was stolen from him – which may really be the case.

The tape also shows that yet another clearly biased pro-Biden, pro-Democrat political reporter is trying to get Trump into trouble, while seeking to make some bucks off of that, if any delusional lefties actually go out and buy it.