Who knew that in the third decade of the 21st century, the United States of America, the greatest and richest power the human world has ever seen, the country with the best piece of real estate on the globe, will be subjugated by the vile Marxist sub-ideology of transgenderism?

Utterly vicious neo-Marxist ideas straight out of the gates of hell are wreaking all-out havoc on the formerly great American nation which has somehow allowed that to occur.

The unstoppable march of transgenderism

Every American knows that sheer gender ideology and transgenderism lunacy by now: That masculinity is “toxic”, that “non-binary” something-nonsense-something is harmful, that you are both “born this way” if you aren’t a normal, straight person – and that you “have a choice” to just make up your own “gender” and “transition” to whatever grotesque creature your brainwashed, confused, delusional mind might think it might be a good idea to be.

(Which one is it, transgenderists? Is it “born this way”, or is it, “it’s your gender choice”? Make up your nasty, anti-human, lying mind!)

Nowhere is the rise of transgenderism more grotesque, shocking, and utterly ludicrous than it is in the military.

While all human beings are capable of fighting, clearly, there is a reason hundreds of thousands of years of human history has placed an emphasis on masculinity, manliness, and the virtues associated with it such as bravery, valor, strength, and self-sacrifice.

Instead, in today’s America, the radical Marxists increasingly running the country behind the charade of a senile old Sleepy Joe in the White House are trying to force us to believe that it’s great to be a LGBT-the entire queer alphabet – and have fun serving in the US military.

Anybody tries to criticize that, and the self-appointed brain-dead, mindless censors of transgenderism – made up by gangs of young and old lefties, Commies, and other trash – would gang up to rip him or her up online, on “social media”, or even in person, by dispatching fascist criminals from Antifa.

Of course, you can imagine that Putin’s hardened armored divisions, Xi’s vast People’s Liberation Army, the Islamist terrorists from Al-Qaeda and ISIS, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the North Korean People’s Democratic masses are having great laughs when they look at stories about the transgenderist US military.

Because that ought to boost America’s fighting morale a great deal, right!

Thanks, Google! We love transsexuals in the military!

That is how we’ve just ended up, on Veteran’s Day 2021, with Google Doodle, the controversial scribbles of the Google search engine, featuring a male US Marine wearing a dress.

The Google Doodle drawing features six members of the US military, all very ethnically and “gender” diverse, and dress half in military uniforms, half in civilian clothing.

For the Marine who is second on the left, the civilian part is a dress.

What’s not to love about a Marine crossdresser who handles tough fighting and then enjoys some tough spanking and a number of other sexual practices that aren’t exactly the epitome of manliness.

Thank you, Google, you Big Tech, far-left stooge, and transgenderism promoter!

Thank you for this invaluable genderized contribution to the honoring of the memory of America’s fallen heroes for Veterans’ Day!

Banning President Donald Trump and everybody else who is patriotic hasn’t been enough, which is why you had to go and do this one as well.

We are just so Big-Tech-lucky to have you!

Because what’s not to like in a transgenderized Marine – he/she/they/whatever-their-pronoun-of-choice-happens-to-be is sooo cool, and modern, and fashionable, and might have some rainbow colors and feathers, and all.

And that will scare off Xi, Putin, and ISIS all at once.

America’s national security will be guaranteed forever, freedom of the high seas will be secured, democracy will be safe from dictators, Taiwan, Ukraine, and all the other US allies will be left alone – simply as America’s enemies take one scared look at our diverse, wokeist, transgenderist forces, and they will be ping and s*ing their pants.

Yes, in their case it’s still pants, they aren’t wearing dresses, bizarre as they might seem to us now.