This is something that any decent American has been dreading for a very long time: that as more and more insane “gender identities” with crazy “sexual preferences” get recognized and accepted, the day will come when the advocates of gay rights, transgenderism, and whatnot will start trying to force us to accept “pedophilia” as something that is “OK”.

All the perversions out there being imposed on us as part of morally bankrupt leftist liberalist Marxism one day will seek to add the letter “P” to the LGBTQ-whatever-etc-etc. consternation of pathologies that can reign free among society.

Sickening: Pedophiles are now ‘minor-attracted people’

Those days are already here.

Of course, the proponents of LGBT and pedophilia are sneaky and perfidious.

They aren’t launching an all-out public company, they are just going in bouts and little incremental steps to convince people little by little that pedophilia is totally fine and socially acceptable.

One such sicko who is promoting “acceptance” of the disgusting desires of some adults to have sex with young, innocent children is a “non-binary” lunatic going by the name of Allyn Walker.

Walker is an assistant professor of criminal justice and sociology at Old Dominion University, and has even written a book about pushing pedophiles on society by claiming that they are very nice, and just “minor-attracted people”, nothing else.

Well, nothing else is needed, really, for a vicious sexual practice rejected by civilized cultures who ever walked the face of the earth.

The book of the pro-pedophilia college professor is entitled “A Long Dark Shadow”, and it also contains the phrase that “minor-attracted people” – which is probably the most disgusting euphemism in the entire university are on “their pursuit of dignity.”

Imagine how dignified pedophiles are!

The “professor” has thus completely and convincingly made his case, right…

The nasty individual explains in a series of videos that he is actually only pushing for pedophiles to be accepted with their thoughts of molesting little children because he claims that their desires aren’t criminal.

Of course, if that monstrosity ever happens and pedophiles are ever “accepted” with their sexual desires towards innocent kids, you can certain that the very next morning the likes of Walker and other pedophilia-lovers will start a campaign for the acceptance of the actual sexual acts performed with little children.

Adding ‘P’ to the LGBT-Nonsense?!

A report by Big League Politics reveals that Walker’s work to advocate for pedophilia is being promoted and helped by an NPO called The Prostasia Foundation.

That has been founded by Dr. James Cantor who is known for advocating the addition of “P” to stand for pedophiles in the LGBT acronym.

Big League Politics has previously reported that Prostasia is facilitating what is called “support clubs” which somehow give access to 13-year-old kids for pedophiles.

You have to understand pedophiles: they just want to be able to commit their heinous crimes against children at will.

What you and all of us have to be outraged is that even the slightest mention of making pedophilia socially acceptable isn’t immediately cracked down upon by society and the authorities.