During his speech at the Cambridge Union Society, British art historian and broadcaster Andrew-Graham Dixon may have left some progressives rattled with his witty sense of humor, a feat easily accomplished by anyone surrounded by the „awoken” ones who have a decent sense of humor.

Namely, Dixon decided to jokingly impersonate evil incarnate himself, Hitler, as a means of pointing out the utterly grotesque nature of his regime and its disdain for non-national art.

Of course, where there’s humor, there’s always some liberal who is ready to be offended by it, with the Cambridge union president Keir Bradwell sharing his horrifying experience with his followers on Facebook of all places, even refusing to credit Dixon for his clever joke.

In fact, Bradwell made it clear that neither he nor any of his colleagues were expecting such behavior, nor do they condone it, adding that the speaker behaved in an insensitive manner by impersonating such a crude historical figure and that the whole joke was in bad taste somehow.

He then continued to claim that he is deeply sorry to all those offended and said that a blacklist of speakers never to be invited back is currently in the works and will be shared with other Cambridge unions.

Despite all of Dixon’s apologies and explanations that his impersonation was if anything, an attack on Hitler’s racism and antisemitism, Keir seemed to show his loyalty to the „woke” society and refused any further communication once he was presented with concrete facts and evidence, a common tactic used by the left.

In loving memory of good humor

Others, however, joined the fight, one of them even being Monty Python’s very own John Cleese, who took Dixon’s side in this argument that honestly shouldn’t have even been one, to begin with.

Cleese heavily criticized Cambridge’s behavior and added that he regrets his own impersonations of a said tyrant during his career and that he will be adding himself to the union’s blacklist as well.

He then apologized to all of his fans who were looking forward to interacting with and speaking to him at Cambridge but assured that if a venue without „woke” rules could be found, he would be more than happy to oblige.

Humor has gone down a dark path in such a short time, with many including Cleese explaining that humor is meant to be critical, which mos likely fell on the deaf ears of the liberal crowd which will probably be trying to cancel Cleese on Twitter next for his previous affiliations with the Monty Python’s flying circus, a shown known for parodying the nazi regime very often.

A couple of years ago BBC head of Comedy, Shane Allen stated that the Monty Python comedy trope is officially dead, with everyone demanding that the comedy skits must have a diverse cast and a script that isn’t insensitive to any of the thousands of different social demographics the left has presented the world with.

With the de-evolution of the joke happening at such a rapid pace, it might not be long before the only „comical” thing allowed on television are uninspired SNL sketches with no-name celebrities forcing a joke for an hour and a half.