Last Friday was a successful one for the all-American billionaire ex-president, Donald Trump, as he claimed another two victories in the proverbial boxing ring of the law, one by surrender and one by judge call.

Namely, the first lawsuit in question was one by former „Apprentice” contestant Summer Zervos who has previously accused Trump of sexually assaulting her, with Zervos’ lawyers leaving a statement that their client no longer wishes to litigate against the defendant.

With the lawsuit gone, Trump no longer has to appear for the 23rd of December deadline for the hearing the court issued, and he followed up on this victory by stating that he feels completely vindicated, adding that while sexual assault is a deplorable and grotesque act, it is most important that we fight for truth and justice in this amazing country of ours, as only victory can help restore one’s reputation.

Zervos’ case stemmed from her appearance on Trump’s reality tv show „The Apprentice” in 2005, with her filing a lawsuit nearly 12 years later in 2017, claiming that Donald Trump had forced himself on her during a Los Angeles meeting.

Naturally, these claims were politically motivated, and due to Trump’s presidency, the lawsuit was delayed as per his argument that a currently sitting president could not be sued.

The other victory the ex-president has claimed this Friday, was one against his former lawyer Michael Cohen whose lawsuit was very obviously aimed at self-enrichment, as it was not to the point and with major flaws including heavily relying on oral agreements that were later obsoleted by written ones, his legal bills being tied directly to Trump himself, his presidential campaign in 2016 or the currently defunct Trump foundation rather than the Trump organization which was the only signed defendant on the lawsuit.

Much like the Zervos lawsuit, this one was also delayed by Trump’s then-presidency, but never really had the potential to take off, to begin with, as Cohen demanded nearly $2 million for covering legal fees, which was a clear indicator of malicious intent behind the lawsuit.

It remains unknown whether the man who made America great again for a short 4 years will be running for president again, although he has hinted at it with his previous media appearances.

With his current track record, Trump just might want to keep it going and put down another victory for himself, the united states of America, and the wonderful people that live here.