Vicious far-left anti-American thugs from Antifa and BLM have once again staged a nasty provocation against democracy, law, and order as they tried to disrupt a right-wing rally against vaccine mandates in New York City.

The conservative and pro-patriotic rally saw thousands of members of the America First group come together outside the official residence of the Mayor of New York City, Gracie Mansion on Saturday night.

Vax mandate for little kids?!

The demonstrators protested against the deranged vaccine mandates of NYC’s outgoing far-left Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, who recently went as far as declaring he’s mulling a vaccination mandate for children aged 5 to 11.

De Blasio’s utterly evil idea with respect to the young children has understandably infuriated parents.

In the meantime, even Eric Adams, the Democrat Mayor-elect of NYC, has said that he plans to reverse De Blasio’s vaccine mandate.

The America First rally outside Gracie Mansion was led by right-wing influencer Nick Fuentes, who has long taken a pro-patriotic stance by calling for shutting America’s borders to illegal immigration and standing up to the LGBT/transgenderism ideology.

Needless to say, Big Tech has taken efforts to silence him and he has been “deplatformed”, i.e. banned from all sorts of “social media” platforms.

In their rally, the members of America First were an ethnically diverse group – not that this would preclude the leftist radicals of calling them “white supremacists” anyway.

They were chanting, “F**k Antifa”, a very understandable slogan considering how the fascists and Nazis from Antifa have been assaulting anybody with a free will and the willingness to express it all across America.

At one point, vicious Antifa and BLM terrorists did show up to the America First rally, many of them bringing high-pitched sirens to try to silence the protesters but that was to no avail whatsoever.

The appearance of the far-left fascists led to clashes with the pro-patriotic protesters.

The America First supporters, however, easily held their ground and the entire clash developed into a series of shouting matches at each other.

‘Catastrophic consequences’

Despite the expected attempts of far-left propagandists to portray the protest at the residence of the New York City Mayor as an initiative only of America First, who were of course described as “white supremacists” by the Commie thugs, Saturday night’s protest was also attended by many other New Yorkers.

Those included members of the FDNY union who lambasted De Blasio’s vaccine mandate for the “catastrophic consequences” that it can cause due to the potential shortage throughout the city of firefighters and EMS personnel, estimated at about 20%.

Meanwhile, an impudent De Blasio told a press briefing that he continued to stand behind the vaccine mandate that he issued for the 160,000 municipal employees of the city of New York, who include sanitation workers, police officers, and firefighters.