Hardcore Soviet-style Communist Bernie Sanders has been a real calamity in American politics with all of his incessant moaning and preaching about deranged levels of Communist government spending to deliver some non-existent Commie utopia – or anti-utopia, really.

Persistent Communists for Several Decades

Even as he seems to be an orthodox Soviet Commie, Bernie has nonetheless been at the forefront of boosting the profile of the contemporary neo-Marxist leftist radicals of the AOC-wokeist-transgenderist type.

The Vermont Senator who describes himself as a “Socialist” has been especially vocal with respect to the old Communist tactic of the government robbing the rich first, and then everybody else, and squandering the money on mindless Commie.

Naturally, that is spending that breeds social security parasites living on handouts and supports a vast network of deadweight apparatchiks, plus a system completely devoid of merit and based entirely on favors and connections.

Of course, in the absence of an actual Communist revolution to bring to power a full-fledged Communist regime, Sanders has been trying to make do with the opportunities at hand – and after the 2020 election, he has found an opening of sorts.

He is known as the author of the Empty Shelves Joe’s “Build Back Better” Commie spending package, and under the Sanders’ original, it had a price tag of a mind-blowing $6 trillion!

Even the Biden gang thought that was way too excessive so they cut it down to $3.5 trillion, and then moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin managed to bring it down to $1.75 trillion – although even that is too much to pay for some nurseries, nannies, “green projects” and other Commie nonsense.

Of course, the natural prime target for populist Commies such as Sanders are billionaires, and he has been attacking them publicly for not paying their “fair share” to support the well-being of the American people – oblivious to the jobs, wealth, innovation, added value, and research and development that this group tends to create for the US economy.

Against that backdrop, the richest man in the world and one of Sanders’ top targets, Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has just crushed Bernie the Commie on Twitter, ridiculing his Communist push and sending him where he belongs.

Musk is the first person in world history whose net worth on paper surpassed $300 billion.

As of Sunday, it was estimated at $294 billion.

Soviet-Era Commie relic Bernie is still with us

As Bernie posted another Commie tweet that the “extremely wealthy” have to “pay their fair share” – adding “Period.” – Musk responded in the best way possible.

“You’ve still alive”, he wrote, noting that he keeps forgetting that the 80-year-old Sanders is still around.

Then he asked “Bernie” if he wants him to “sell more stock” – adding, “Just say the word…”

The exchange came after a few days ago Musk started a Twitter poll on whether to sell $25 billion in Tesla stock in order to fund the billionaire tax put forth by the likes of Bernie the Communist, Empty Shelves Joe, and so on.

Although that might not have been the best idea on Musk’s part since Twitter is awash with far-left Marxist trolls who never get “deplatformed” unlike decent American patriots such as President Donald Trump.