Transgenderism has rapidly becoming a plight of biblical proportions as its proponents are imposing it on Americans in order to trick them into believing they need to “transition” to either the opposite sex, or to some of the countless possible “genders” that they themselves or others are encouraged to just make up.

The Marxist epidemic of transgenderism and gender ideology in the United States, however, is now becoming a worldwide pandemic likely comparable to that of the coronavirus as the promotion of brainwashing people into “transitioning” and sex-changing is spreading to countries around the globe.

The catch: Targeting Western Civilization

The catch, however, seems to be that those are still Western, predominantly white, democratic societies slated for ultimate destruction as per the Marxist ideology.

For its adherents, that is supposed to work precisely by turning more and more of its formerly self-respecting citizens proud of the rise and accomplishments of Western Civilization into squeaking, self-doubting losers pining for their “hurt” feelings, and even more fearful of hurting anybody else’s, thus becoming the laughing stock of everybody, including both the West’s key enemies such as Russia and China, and the entirety of the Third World.

American software corporation Salesforce has been at the forefront of promoting the hellish viciousness that is transgenderism.

For a while now, it has been offering a financial package of a whopping $40,000 to pay for the transitioning of its “transgender” employees in the United States and Canada, which offers funding for “sex change” surgeries and even hundreds of dollars for them to buy new clothes for whatever gender they end up being.

Now the ardent gender ideologists from Salesforce have made those fantastic, just wonderful trans benefits available to all of its employees worldwide.

Of course, Salesforce doesn’t employ too many people in Cambodia, El Salvador, or Upper Volta, so the “natural” receivers of its transsexual aid are confused Westerners tricked into believing that doing monstrous, horrible things to their bodies is going to do away with the emptiness of their existence and make them oh, so happy.

As per the brutal, disgusting corporate policy of Salesforce, its “transsexual” employees will be entitled to four weeks of paid leave plus a cash pile of $40,000 to be used for paying for sex-change surgery, hormone replacement, hair transplants, and legal fees.

Of course, there is also the nice little addition of up to $500 for new clothes – which are supposed to help those wretched rejects from the world that get tricked into “transitioning” “look and feel their best.”

‘Trans-femme Non-binary’ Pride

The company says in a statement that it believes everyone “deserves to be who they are” – wow, how ingenious! – and its trans aid package is presented as an “important step on that journey”, RT reports.

A person described as a “trans-femme non-binary”, Many Erwin, a Salesforce engineer in New Zealand, said the package is “life-changing” for its “transgender employees” because sex change operations cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Salesforce CEO for Australia and New Zealand, Pip Marlow, has declared pride of the package to turn more people into transsexuals.

Thanks to the aggressive onslaught of Marxism and its sub-divisions such as transgenderism, the West, the world leader in everything until recently, is rapidly starting to resemble a really bad horror movie of the most devilish human experiments who on top of it all are mostly self-inflicted by brainwashed “gender” zombies.