After Joe Biden’s and Xi Jinping’s virtual meeting, CNN decided to continue the constant minimization of criticism towards the nearly-fascist regime that NBA player Enes Kanter, a Chinese dissident, and the global market have left in the media.

One such act was CNN’s posting of Nury Turkel, a Chinese Uyghur’s story depicting his life in an Uyghur concentration camp during the cultural revolution of China.

He paints a grotesque image of the camp, stating that anyone who wasn’t „communist enough” was beaten, raped, or murdered.

Turkel urged the media to shift their camera lens to China as the situation seems to not have changed in almost 50 years, adding that many products that the west takes for granted were built with the blood of Uyghur forced labor.

CNN, being the turncoats they are, added a fine print editor’s note at the end of the article, stating that the Chinese government denies any and all claims regarding forced labor, sterilization, and violations of human rights, and adding insult to injury, the Chinese have said that these camps which the West „paints” as concentration camps are simply vocational training centers aimed at combating radicalism.

Criticism against China continues to fall on short legs

Senator Ted Cruz took mercy upon these troubled people, sharing this article to his millions of Twitter followers, stating that the CNN editors who usually publish trash allegations against anyone, not left-of-center have finally one-upped themselves and negated a currently ongoing genocide with an editor’s note that is nothing short of CCP propaganda.

Enes Kanter, an NBA star playing center for the Boston Celtics, also showed a voice of reason, using his popularity to try and raise awareness of the horrible acts China is committing against the Uyghur Muslims in the country.

He added that Jinping is a brutal dictator of this communist land, assuring that torture, rape, sterilization, family separation, and murder go on in these camps as we speak but no one chooses to do anything about it.

Kanter heavily criticized his fellow celebrities who often make it their business to speak out against many wrongdoings in this world but never against the economical giant that is China, and the main reason is always money.

The US’s relations with China have grown tenser ever since ex-president Donald Trump decided to declare a trade war on the communist country and add massive tariffs on Chinese-manufactured goods.

It would seem that 45th had a far more correct opinion on Xi Jinping’s kingdom than the current hypocritical president Joe Biden has.

Joe, a man who often chooses to present himself as the white knight of the endangered, is trying to smooth things over with a man whose actions cause the suffering of thousands of Chinese nationals each day.

China has shown its firepower and its brutality, it seems to only be a matter of time until they choose to take things to the next level.