After Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt refused to meet the mother of convict Julius Jones for clemency appeal, Kim Kardashian spoke out as an advocate of sparing Jones’ life.

The most famous starlet in the world has publicly called on Governor Stitt to spare the life of Julius, 41, whose execution is set for 18th November for a murder committed in 1990, when Edmond Paul Howell, a businessman, was killed during a car theft.

From the moment of his arrest, during the trial, and after sentencing, Jones defended himself by claiming his innocence and marking his accomplice as the killer.

Jones said the co-defendant blamed him for the murder by testifying against him and therefore got released from prison after 15 years of serving his sentence.

Kardashian, who has been trying to build a legal career in recent years and is one of the most vocal celebrities in advocating criminal justice reform, said Governor Stitt’s decision is “anxiously anticipated” after the State Pardons and Parole Board recommended Stitt to change Jones’ death sentence into life imprisonment.

On Monday, Madeline Davis-Jones, Jones ‘mother, went to the Capitol with Jones supporters to ask Stitt for pardon for her son, but the governor’s communications chief said the governor was unable to receive them and instructed Jones’ mother to fill out a visitor form if she wants to meet the governor.

Jimmy Lawson, a family friend of the Jones, expressed disappointment at the governor’s refusal to meet and added that Jones’ mother only wanted the opportunity to tell the governor in person her son was innocent and introduce him to some details he had not heard before.

After the governor’s refusal, Kardashian took to Twitter to write how an innocent man might be killed, which breaks her heart, and expressed hope Stitt would do the right thing and accept the Pardons and Parole Board recommendation by commuting the death sentence into life imprisonment.

The district and state attorneys, however, disagree with Jones’s family and Kardashian, pointing out the evidence suggesting Jones committed the crime is irrefutable.

Upon inspection of the court file, it is clear that witnesses recognized Jones as the shooter, the weapon with which the victim was killed had Jones’ DNA on it and was found in the space where he lived.

Jones said the gun was planted by an accomplice who visited him after the murder.

Justice for the victim? No.

In her Twitter statement, Kardashian explained what the execution process in Oklahoma looks like, saying Jones was X-rayed, searched, that he received new clothes, a mattress, and bedding, and pointed out all the food and drinks he receives are logged.

She also accused Oklahoma officials of cruelty, writing they are so eager for revenge that in case his heart stops before the execution, he would be revived before the execution.

Governor Stitt’s spokesman, Charlie Hannema, said the governor takes his role in the whole process seriously and is considering in detail the recommendation of the Pardon and Parole Board.

Governor Stitt has met with Paul Howell’s family who claims the real man has been convicted adding all the facts and evidence suggest Jones is the killer.

The case of Julius Jones came under public scrutiny in 2018, after Viola Davis produced the documentary The Last Defense, which garnered a lot of public attention.

This is not the first time the Kardashian has engaged in pardoning death row inmates.

In 2018, she participated in the pardon of Alice Marie Johnson for life imprisonment for nonviolent drug charges.