Furious parents across the nation have identified a new tool for the far left to promote its vile agenda to youngsters, and in a very perfidious way, too: through the teaching of “Social Emotional Learning” (SEL).

SEL: As perfidious as it gets

Alarmed at its content and methods, those alarmed have described SEL as a way to promote “gender fluidity”, the main consequence of the vicious gender ideology and transgenderism shattering the innocent lives of countless American youth.

Many also say it is a tool for boosting wokeism as it is emerging as a “Trojan horse” for Critical Race Theory, ripping up the fabric of American society.

In a nutshell, SEL is clearly designed by the far left to “sell” to America’s young people in a sneaky and covert way the most disgusting postulates of today’s Marxism, including wokeism and transgenderism.

SEL classes may vary as some are focused on allowing the youngest American children to voice their emotions and feelings – setting them on an early path of “getting offender” about everything, including their race and gender.

For older American children, SEL classes are designed to focus precisely on sexuality, race and mental health.

The very idea about SEL became popular due to a 1995 book by Daniel Goleman entitled “Emotional Intelligence”, which claimed that schools emphasize intellectual achievement too much – wow, would you look at that! – and didn’t pay enough attention to “encouraging” traits such as “social deftness” and self-awareness.

Covert as many other Marxism methods to infect our youth with the viruses of wokeism and gender ideology, Social Emotional Learning has by now become exposed by parents as wreaking havoc upon the upbringing of their children and the defense of traditional American family values and American identity.

‘Promoting suicide’ among kids

One fresh recent case in which SEL was exposed a horrendously harmful sham was a meeting in Southlake, Texas, of Carroll Independent School District, on September 27, remarkable for a fiery speech by an outraged mother, Tara Eddins.

Eddins exploded over why the district is hiring counsellors for the grades of 5-12 who get paid $90,000 per year – and their main job is promoting SEL and the vicious Marxist tenets poking their ugly heads behind it.

The mother accused Carroll Independent School District of “actually advertising suicide”, declaring that mental health should receive less attention as that has the opposite effect, while much more focus in schools should be given to academia, the main reason for which they do happen to exist.

Eddins declared that counselors should be preparing children for “higher learning” and not “promoting suicide”, as kids aren’t even thinking about the SEL issues before they undergo its indoctrination.

According to an email that Southlake Families PAC, which fights against SEL, sent to supporters, school districts have to “leave mental health” as well as “parenting” to the actual parents of the children, instead of coming in between them with devastating consequences.

In 2019, the year with the latest available data, there were 2,756 minors who died by suicide, according to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The arsenal of the Marxists promoting transgenderism and wokeism is clearly too diverse, and American patriots caring for the youth and future of our nation are seeing themselves forced to fight those on multiple fronts.

Luckily, more and more are joining that fight.