There seems to be no limit to the myriad of ways in which the hellish transgenderism and gender identity are poisoning, terrorizing, and just outright destroying the lives of America’s young people – as in a fresh new case a high school student in New Hampshire was actually suspended for stating the obvious, most basic and elementary human truth that there are “two genders”.

In fact, those used to be called “sexes” until very recently – until the vicious Marxist anti-American propaganda grabbed hold of the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the Big Tech-powered social media.

Young Commie snitch censor invokes image of being in Soviet Union

To make the case more scandalous, the student was actually “told on” to the school authorities by another student who overheard him on a bus trip to argue what there is no need to be argued – namely, that there are only two “genders”, i.e. sexes.

Apart from being a lowly snitch, the girl who overhead him appears to be another of those self-appointed transgenderism and wokeism zombie censors – of the type whose sole meaning in her nasty, empty life is the ability to troll free-speech people on social media, or even getting armed, and assaulting everyday Americans as one of the Antifa fascists’ storm trooper death squads.

Now the unnamed student-athlete from the transgenderist high school in New Hampshire and his mother are suing the school district because the young man was actually suspended from partaking in a football – because he was expressing his views.

Of course, those aren’t even his views – it’s the basic, simple, evident reality that has been known to humankind since the dawn of time: that there are two “genders”, i.e. sexes – the teen in question doesn’t have to have “views” about it, it is what it is.

But, of course, the kid and his family deserve huge credit for standing up to the lunacy of fender ideology.

The student is suing for nominal damages against Marcy Dovholuk, Assistant Principal of the Exeter High School and against School Administrative Unit 16 of the state of New Hampshire.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Rockingham Superior Court stated the one-game suspension in September, violated the student M.P.’s “constitutional right to free speech” as well as the New Hampshire Bill of Rights – all because he expressed his beliefs as a religious Catholic.

Brave Young American Man

The courageous high-schooler is also seeking to put an end to a shocking policy of Exeter High School of enforcing “gender nonconformity”.

He claims that the policy punishes students because of their religious beliefs when they don’t address “non-binary students” – you know about that Marxist-trans abomination, right? – with the latter’s made-up pronouns for their “gender”.

The student M.P. says that is in violation of the First Amendment for religious students.

The lawsuit declares that the student will keep denying that a person can belong to “a gender” different from “that of ‘male’ and ‘female’.

It is unbelievable how the greatest, most powerful country in the world has allowed its young people to be terrorized by the evil of transgenderism.

But that might not be the most shocking part of this story.

The most horrifying part is the fact that a young Commie censor and snitch actually went to the school and told on the student.

Yet, it is a good thing that she did because now the school’s horrible policy can be crushed in court.