During a school board meeting in the Fort Worth Independent School District in Texas, a black man, claiming to be part of a militia group called „The Brotherhood Movement“ used his minute of microphone privilege the dumbest way he possibly could.

Namely, the man in question stood up to defend Critical Race Theory, which was the focus of the meeting in the first place as many parents felt it was wrong to pressure children into adhering to the concepts of white guilt and oppression, and rightfully so, given that most of these kids all have friends of a different race and barely even see color, to begin with.

However, Malikk Austin, the 51-year-old father attending the meeting must have felt threatened so he offered to fire back, literally, as he stated that CRT is something that he fights for and that he’s got a thousand soldiers locked and loaded, ready to go.

Anyone with a pulse can see how wrong this is, even more so when presented with the fact that the organization Malikk is part of presents itself as peaceful and caring towards people of all races.

What’s more intriguing is that neither Malikk nor anyone else brainwashed by the CRT crowd can see that the ideology just drives a wedge between the two communities instead of bringing them together, blurring out the idea that all Americans should stand together as one rather than be torn apart by the color of one’s skin.

After Malikk’s speech, if one could call it that, had ended, a concerned mother from the crowd offered him a one-on-one conversation, hoping to calm him down and present him with cold-hard facts that might sway him in the right direction.

Sadly, this only further provoked the CRT peddler, causing him to shout names at the woman and tell her that she isn’t intelligent enough to even hold this conversation with him.

As the police escorted this obviously violent man, he shouted „locked and loaded” and added that next time, he will be bringing his soldiers with him.

A repeat offender speaking at a school board meeting

This isn’t Malikk’s first rodeo with threatening others, as he would appear at previous board meetings in tactical combat gear, threatening those who refused to respect his questionable opinions on race and CRT in general.

When pressed on the matter several days later, Malikk tried to weasel out by saying it was just a figure of speech, and that he simply meant that he is ready to challenge the opposition when he mentioned his 1000 locked and loaded soldiers.

This might sound plausible to any progressive who would eat up every last word people like Malikk have to say, but a quick checkup of his Instagram account paints a picture far from peaceful.

Malikk’s social media accounts are riddled with photographs of him and other Brotherhood members in tactical gear, showing off their firearms, and despite the group’s statement that they are „simply exercising their right to bear arms”, 20 men and women in combat gear carrying guns on their hips isn’t anything to laugh at.

The group, however, did claim that Malikk has long since moved on from the group and that he hasn’t been a member for a long time now, making this violent instigator into a liar too.

Many parents were unhappy with how the meeting played out, with a mother of three stating that she was shaken by Malikk’s comments and could not believe that the board allowed him to say the things he said, in a school of all places.

Naturally, if one follows the trail of breadcrumbs, it becomes apparent that the board itself is in support of CRT, allowing this man to take his anger and frustrations out on innocent parents with threats and slurs.

Malikk’s criminal record isn’t one to boast with either, as he was locked up in 1993 for sexual assault, convicted of public lewdness in 2004, and sentenced to prison for assaulting a family member in 2009.

A democratic sexual deviant might not be an uncommon thing these days, but a man with this criminal record speaking about the suffering his people go through would leave a sour taste in anyone’s mouth.

Malikk wasn’t arrested following the school board incident, but it is very clear that sooner or later, he and his entire group of violence promoters will taste the iron fist of the law.