Walda Dench, a 64-year-old woman from Arizona took the world by storm with a story of an unexpected friendship made possible by an accidental SMS message sent to a stranger.

Namely, she was trying to send a thanksgiving invitation to her grandson but accidentally sent it to Jamal Hinton, a then-17-year-old African-American boy who was confused but willing to make this old lady’s day by showing up for dinner at her and her husband’s place.

Now in their 6th year of this beautiful tradition, Hinton shared a screenshot of the messages between him and Walda arranging another thanksgiving dinner, this time with his girlfriend Mikaela, showing that love and kindness can transcend race and age alike.

The unlikely friendship became viral when Jamal shared the initial message interaction back in 2016, with the story finishing as Jamal showed up at Walda’s home to be greeted by a hug and a warm plate set aside for him.

The two have since remained great friends and have celebrated every thanksgiving together, documenting their journey on social media as a way to show the gift of friendship to everyone in the world.

In loving memory of a loving husband

Sadly, the year 2020 brought sadness into Walda’s home as her husband Lonnie had passed earlier that year in April due to covid-related symptoms.

This would not stop Jamal from brightening the now-widowed woman’s day and he stated that Lonnie would have wished for them to see the brighter side in things as he has all his life, assuring that he would have wanted them to celebrate his life rather than hate the pandemic for taking it away.

The family shared an intimate moment as Walda placed a photo of her late husband Lonnie on the table and lit a candle for him, thanking the Lord for all the years she has spent with him, and showing her love for everyone who still came to help her in these trying times.

Walda and Jamal will continue to be great friends over the following years, with recent pictures showing Jamal and his girlfriend Mikaela together with Walda’s family at an early Thanksgiving dinner last year, proving that not all grandmas are awarded at birth.

God just chooses to bring some people together and maybe it was His plan all along to unite this unlikely duo, knowing that they would become beacons of hope for one another in these confusing years that are to come.