It is a lot more regrettable and sad than it is funny or even intriguing – simply because it is really telling about the state and well-being of the great American nation – but Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is seeing his already questionable popularity sink so rapidly and categorically that Americans seem to find it exciting to discover various artistic ways to express their outrage at him.

Nicknames, chants

It isn’t just the nicknames each one of which is even more deserved and truthful than then next: ranging from “Sleepy Joe” – originally given to Biden by President Donald Trump, to “Empty Shelves Joe” – which Biden inflicted upon himself by causing the supply chain crisis and the Soviet-style consumer goods shortage, and now “Kabul Joe” – just slapped onto him by protesters in New Hampshire thanks to his surrender to the Taliban and the apocalyptic withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan.

Understandably, all the rage has been the two slogans – “F**k Joe Biden” and its euphemistic alternative “Let’s Go Brandon”, the latter having been born out of the mainstream media’s censorship attempts.

As the “F**k Joe Biden” chant started just two months ago, on college football stadiums in September, the less explicit “Let’s Go Brandon” – made up by NBC sports report Kelli Stavast at a NASCAR race as she was interviewing victorious driver Brandon Brown – has just conquered social media and various other venues for public expression.

Intriguingly, the latest medium that the “F**k Joe Biden” – “Let’s Go Brandon” chant dyad has now spread to is food.


Solorzano’s Pizza, a pizza restaurant present in three different states – New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida – has now gone viral on social media by designing pies using the two slogans above to mock Empty Shelves Joe.

The owners came up with the ingenious idea of spelling “FJB” – the initials for “F**k Joe Biden” – on pizza pies, for instance, by using pepperoni slices.

One of the owners explained the FJB design by only mentioning “Joe Biden”, and adding that customers can “fill in the ‘f’” themselves.

Apparently, the anti-Biden pizza pies have become so popular in South Florida that a local media outlet, the Suncoast News Network, made them their top story for last week, Infowars reported.

Philip Solorzano, the founder of the pizza joint, told the outlet that maybe not all customers agree with the political message that the pies now feature, or with his posts on social media, but they still appreciate a quality meal – and those now come with FJB slogans.

According to the news report, the chain of pizza restaurants is raking up big cash thanks to its “FJB” messages on pizza.

In another promotional scheme, the joint offers customers a free slice of pizza for life if they tattoo its logo on their bodies – and more than 90 customers have already done it.