When enrolling at California’s Loyola Marymount University, one must accept that aside from the usual college-related things like learning about one’s future profession and taking tests, a certain degree of „wokeness” will be demanded from each and every student attending class.

Or at least it goes for those in Hinduism, Jainism, and Yoga studies led by Prof. Christopher Miller who made it his mission to awaken these young minds oblivious to the pain their accidental misgendering of lgbtq+ persons is causing.

Namely, the professor in question has demanded that all of his students will have to take up the ridiculous habit of addressing themselves in the third person for each of the assignments he hands out, despite the pronoun craze’s absolute nonexistent impact on a person to person communication.

This seems to be a horrible trend that’s taking the country by storm, with Pittsburgh’s Point Park university including a section about misgendering, pronoun misuse, and a thing called „deadnaming”, which sounds like it came out of some cheesy 80s Halloween movie, on their website, explaining that continuous violation of policies regarding the aforementioned could result in suspension or expulsion from said college.

These left-of-center ideologies become so ingrained in institutions like these that a student accidentally misusing someone’s pronouns (which is already a fairly confusing concept to grasp sometimes) resulted in a student-signed petition to have him kicked out of the educational institution.

You must bend to the will of the woke

Not even the boys in blue or the nation’s finest are safe from these „progressive“ trends, with Michigan’s state police issuing a memo regarding the correct usage of gender pronouns which states that not all persons or members identify as gender binary.

There’s come a time when the terms binary and non-binary get thrown around in places completely unrelated to computers or IT, and the Left will make sure you’re punished for not being on board with it all, even if you just never wanted anything to do with it.

Back on the topic of the professor in charge of assessing one’s wokeness, he has added that the correct or incorrect usage of gender pronouns will count directly toward one’s grade and that it will be applying to all the subjects he’s currently teaching at the university, those being „Hinduism, Jainism and Yoga studies”, „History of Modern Yoga” and „Foundations of Yoga Studies”.

It takes less than a glance to visualize the professor in question and even less to be baffled with these ridiculous demands that could only fly in a blue state like California.