Over the last couple of days, a holiday-themed song titled „Let’s go Brandon Christmas” inspired by the „Let’s go Brandon” chant by anti-Joe Biden activists, has gone viral in a matter of hours, gaining nearly 100,000 views since its release on Sunday.

Performed by Florida-based rapper Forgiato Blow, the song is heavily inspired by the avid Trump supporter’s previous hit „Let’s Go Brandon” which even received a fully produced music video in the months following its release.

In the lyrics, the rapper rejoices at Biden’s impeachment and makes a wish to Santa Claus, asking for at least 4 more years of Trump, claiming that he would even be okay with 45 too.

The rapper’s career shows massive amounts of support for the former president, with him including other pro-Trump activists in his videos, even daring to wear the now-outlawed MAGA hat which has the Left sneering at the mere sight of it.

Top 10 on iTunes and all of it is Brandon

These songs seem to have started a trend on music streaming platforms, with October’s top 10 songs on iTunes all having the same „Let’s go Brandon” title, albeit some of them were remixes of previously already popular songs.

The number one spot is taken by „Let’s Go Brandon” by Bryson Gray, an African-American conservative rapper with millions of views on his songs, showing the world that not all black communities are willing to eat up the Progressive Left’s lies and deception.

The 2nd spot on the list is taken by Loza Alexander’s version of „Let’s go Brandon” which knocked the ball out of the park, easily surpassing popular British songstress’ Adele’s single „Easy on Me.”

In the Music video for the song, Alexander and his posse can be seen wearing the iconic red MAGA hats, with the song slowly dropping the tame popularized chant for the more rough and vulgar „F*** Joe Biden” one which, through a series of comical reportages at a NASCAR race field, brought the now-beloved „Let’s go Brandon” chant to life.

Many Americans are dissatisfied with the Biden administration’s performance and the music industry is using its power to vocalize its opinion on the matter, pushing other Americans to speak their minds and stand for real progress, rather than something veiled as such that the current Biden presidency is serving us.

The chant exists to protest the lazy administration while also being a thorn in the eye of the left-leaning hypocrites who would try to cancel it outright, completely forgetting their own chant for the previous president.

Hopefully, „Let’s go Brandon” will continue to be a stepping stone for those willing to resist the system only catering to progressives, and it will pave the way for many changes to come.