Apparently, decades upon decades of showing no tolerance for pedophilia won’t cut it for some, as Dr. Allyn Walker of Old Dominion University has demonstrated that the woke and lgbtq+ communities will do anything to normalize a thing that is widely accepted to be morally wrong.

The professor has previously written a book „explaining” why pedophiles shouldn’t be ostracized for their urges, even going as far as changing the term entirely to „minor-attracted person” which seems to be a common weapon of the left when trying to push some absurd agenda.

Walker somehow then concluded that these „non-violent” pedophiles should be provided with childlike sexual aids that would „satisfy” their urges and prevent them from targeting living breathing children.

Naturally, this did not spark joy in anyone who could be deemed a moral human being, and a 4000 signature petition calling for the removal of the said professor was signed before the school even addressed the matter.

Following the media outbreak, a spokesman for Old Dominion stated that Walker has been put on administrative leave for an undefined period, effective immediately, adding that for the most part, it is for Walker’s own wellbeing.

They seem to have struck the right sentiment with that as Walker’s controversial views could easily provoke many violent acts, and as inexcusable as those may be, historically, not many have shown kindness to pedophiles and those supporting them, and rightfully so.

Walker’s book titled „A long, Dark shadow” continues his narrative of pedophiles „not choosing who they’re attracted to” and providing them with aids to help relieve their urges, a truly disgusting ideology that does nothing but endangers children even more if the left continues to shove this sort of nonsense down everyone’s throats.

Somehow, a person who supports the child pornography industry ended up as a professor at a high-end college

Old Dominion President Brian Hemphill stated that the college does not condone sexual abuse of children in any way and that there is no place in society for people who enforce it or try to destigmatize it.

Walker tried to clear his name by adding that abuse is never okay, but the damage had already been done, and the internet already decided to go in for the kill, showing that not only the left has the power to „cancel“ someone off the academic face of the earth.

CEO of Florida-based child advocacy agency One Child International, Evin Daily stated that the professor would be clever to stop his attempts at destigmatization of those sexually attracted to children, latching onto the aforementioned’s idea that pedophiles should be provided with high-quality child pornography as a substitute for actual victims.

This outright disgusting statement shows just what sorts of people are allowed to teach at high education institutions, while the left continues to defame and cancel many established and knowledgeable professors who would never even think about supporting an industry that does nothing but harm to innocent children.

Many other Twitter users joined this online lynching and demanded that the „psycho” be fired and committed to a mental health institution.

Even senator Ted Cruz jumped in, tweeting „Holy crap, what the hell is wrong with ODU”.

Walker’s 2-year long career at ODU may have finally come to an end and considering his gross opinions regarding children and their predators, it may be for the best if he stays away from educational institutions for a while.