Wow, that’s a first!

Americans in Memphis, Tennessee, the 28th largest city in the nation, were told by their local police chief on Wednesday to keep to their homes because some “up-and-coming” rapper was killed outside a cookie store in a bout of gang-related violence demonstrating the power of race-based criminal gangs and the failure of law enforcement in certain spots to tackle that with even moderate success.

Stay home because gangs are shooting it out

So Memphis Police Chief Cerelyn CJ Davis actually wasn’t ashamed to give a press conference hours after the rapper going by the name of “Young Dolph” was gunned down, and tell the residents of her city that they ought to be staying home.

Davis encouraged the locals of “stay home” if they “don’t have to be out”.


Because specific sections of the city might see further shooting violence as a result of Young Dolph’s murder.

This is what so many parts of the United States of America have been reduced to now – gangs are running rampant as they practice rapping in the time they have free from organized crime, and the police are telling the citizens of the greatest, most powerful nation in the world to be confined to their homes, or else.

And that’s without even commenting on the “high” “artistic”, “moral” and other value of “rap culture” and “ghetto music” – and the wonderful effect that it has had on the ethical upbringing of American youth of all backgrounds.

As she made it clear that there is fear of reprisals over the assassination of Young Dolph, Memphis PD Chief Davis suggested that the department might resort to a curfew in the event of “acts of retribution.”

She also told the residents of Memphis to stay calm while the police are performing – “actively” – their investigation, as cited by The Daily Mail.

36-year-old Young Dolph was shot dead around 1 pm on Wednesday, in a drive-by shooting as he was buying cookies on Memphis’ Airways Bouolevard.

No arrests have been made yet, and no information has been provided with respect to the motives.

‘Senseless gun violence’ – or gang violence?

As the police chief seemed unperturbed in having to ask local residents to stay home, she did declare, however, that Young Dolph’s murder was “another example” of “senseless gun violence” “locally and nationwide.”

It seems to be more of a gang violence, rather than “gun violence”, but, hey, the Memphis PD chief must know better, what with all the curfew calls for her city and whatnot.

Davis did state that the police are deploying “extra” officers in “specific areas” of the city “that are impacted the most”.

According to Mareno Myers, a cousin of the murdered rapper, Young Dolph had come back to his hometown on Monday to see an aunt ill with cancer, and wanted to hand out turkeys for Thanksgiving.

This isn’t the first time that an attempt was made on Young Dolph’s life.

In 2017, he was targeted outside a Hollywood shoe store.

Back then he suffered gunshot wounds in the arm and the buttocks but survived.