Nothing deals a deadlier blow to the fallacious ideology of modern-day Marxist wokeism and transgenderism, which has now almost completely conquered the Democratic Party, than being exposed by one of their own, or even by some well-established liberal icons – such as Bill Maher.

The long-time host of HBO show “Real Time” styles himself as an old-school liberal, and in recent months has been gaining conservative viewers for the very first time – for one simple reason.

Namely, that he talks common sense, calls out the vicious excesses of wokeism and transgenderism – and the Democratic Party that supports those, and that he refuses to succumb to the neo-Marxist totalitarianism being forced upon the great American nation by the mainstream media, the social media and Big Tech, and now the Brandon… oops, the Biden administration.

In a powerful TV appearance outside his show, Maher spoke on CNN’s Cuomo Prime show of Chris Cuomo, the infamous lefty anchor who is the brother and close adviser of infamous former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

As he was responding to Cuomo’s “culture wars” questions, Maher just destroyed today’s wokeism-dominated Democratic Party by saying that it has become the party of “no common sense”.

He slammed the “progressives” and far-leftists who, instead of wanting to teach the “history of racism in America”, are seeking to teach our children that “racism is the essence of America”.

This simply isn’t true but it is the gist of the evil, anti-American narrative of the Marxist “critical race theory”.

And they are pushing that narrative in order to brainwash children who aren’t old enough to understand the “very complicated history” behind it.

Maher also declared his all-out support for comedian Dave Chappelle, who has refused to back down in the face of far-left cancel culture terror because he “dares” to make jokes about transsexuals and other LGBT-whatever individuals.

The HBO host further ripped into the proponents of transgenderism and the vile gender ideology for claiming that it is “settled science”.

He told the story of a woman in her 40s who told him that when she was a girl she didn’t do or wear any things typical of girls up until she was 14-15 years ago.

The woman emphasized that if she was a kid now she would have been led to change her “gender” or sex – as are doubtlessly being made countless young American kids who don’t actually suffer from “gender dysphoria”, or whatever.

In his interview, Maher enumerated a whole range of other far-left, Marxist excesses associated with today’s Democratic Party such as “canceling” Abraham Lincoln because all of a sudden even Lincoln isn’t good enough for the wokeist-transgenderist mafia.

He tore into the leftist narrative for increasingly engaging in actions that produce headlines sounding as though they’ve come from the humorous publication “The Onion” – except they aren’t fake, no matter how ridiculous they seem.