Where once was Christianity and the personal and societal struggles that it involves of suffering, self-sacrifice, and moderation, there is now just a consumerism-driven, lying gender ideology and transgenderism that promote nothing but indulging in sin.

Transgenderism unhinged

Of course, for so many young Americans – or just for far-left, transgenderist Marxist Americans, the things in question – such as the Seven Deadly Sins of the Bible – are no sins at all but must-dos.

Because – come on – it’s all about having fun, “experimenting”, experiencing pleasure, and sexual pleasure in particular (you know, many have long-forgotten about the primary reproductive function of their sexual organs).

It’s also about “being who you are”, i.e. being whoever the deceptive Marxist-Communist propaganda tells you that you are – so that it can then utilize and weaponize you in its evil gender- or race-based new-type “class struggle” so that it can establish a far-left totalitarian metaverse.

In that, the Marxist “elite” will be filthy rich and will control everything, and you will be a happy brain-dead transgenderist and wokeist zombie on the “look-who-I-am-and-how-proud-I-am” social-media merry-go-round that nobody will give a crap about – as nobody does even today when lots of human beings haven’t been zombified yet.

With all going to that end of a supreme-reigning transgenderism, a church at Emory University, technically a Christian institution, or, rather, formerly a Christian institution, which was founded in 1836 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, has hosted the school’s annual “Pride” drag show, The Red State reported.

Of course, this isn’t the first time: the lovely drag pride event has been held for a few years now as an annual extravaganza organized by Emory Pride, an “LGBTQUIA+ group”.

To be fair, that acronym probably just isn’t inclusive enough because they should add in there all letters of the alphabet – and then make up some more, a lot more “non-binary”, “anti-racist”, “non-white” letters – the way they just go and make up pronouns.

For the past few years, the Glenn Memorial Chapel of the school-affiliated Methodist church has been the site of the annual transgenderist Pride event.

According to Layla Aberman, president of the Emory Pride student organization, Glenn Memorial has become a “space” for sheltering “queer expression” – in a world of “homophobia, transphobia, and racism”.

Transphobia everywhere. Or transgenderism everywhere

Never mind that most of the time, it is the transgenderists and wokeists who invent “racism” and “transphobia” by seeing them everywhere, where they just don’t actually exist.

The Marxist types in question, however, love to do that just for the sake of playing the victim, crafted an “Oh-I-m-so-special” place for themselves, and, of course, just “pissing off”, harassing and even terrorizing normal people – either out of hatred for them, or because, well, just because they can.

Another church venue used for hosting transgenderist events is the Calvary United Methodist Church at the University of North Carolina – Durham.

The event hosted there in 2019 went under the disgusting title of “Drag Me to Church” – because, of course, Christian sacrilege isn’t a thing gender-identity zombie crowd.

Earlier this year, in Illinois, a drag queen was promoted to be a candidate for ordination at Hope United Methodist Church.

Of course, Christianity can hardly even be reconciled with Marxism, no matter how many American churches are used in order to host drag queen events.

But of course, Marxism doesn’t want reconciliation with Christianity.

Being a godless, Communist matrix wants to destroy it.

And transgenderism, one of its ideological subdivisions of today, seems like a good enough tool for that.