With a recent article published by media outlet Business Insider, focusing on alleged accusations of violent sexual misconduct by Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy, someone had to take matters into their own hands and set things straight.

And who better to do it than Dave himself, as he appeared on the Daily Wire’s „Candace” show this Tuesday as an attempt to clear his name from the dirt the left-of-center media has slapped onto him.

Portnoy goes in for the kill on Business Insider

He stated that ever since the article was dropped on November 4th, he has gone to great lengths to debunk it and show his side of the story that would paint a clearer picture of the events that Business Insider painted to be borderline rape.

Portnoy released numerous screenshots of his conversations and interactions with the women in question, immediately casting doubt at the news article in question titled „I was literally screaming in pain”, which has yet to be corrected by the media outlet.

The article contains stories of women meeting Portnoy after which their sexual encounters would gradually become violent and humiliating, hinting at sexual misconduct performed by Portnoy.

He continued, stating that his life is an open book and no amount of digging will net any sort of material containing malicious intent, adding that he is willing to die on this hill and will not let this controversy against him just disappear in the following months, especially given the heinous nature of the crimes he is accused of committing.

Business Insider continues with politically driven rape accusations

Accusing someone of a crime or malicious intent can’t and shouldn’t be done without a basis and liberal media seems to ignore that, often going for famous men or women whose name in an article alone will make them unimaginable amounts of money.

With Business Insider’s political affiliations, it is clear that there was a certain bias against Portnoy, especially due to his avid support for Donald Trump, further exclaimed by his friendly 2020 interview with the then-president.

The messages and social media posts of one of his accusers also show a bias against conservatives, adding to Portnoy’s narrative of the entire thing being a setup.

The Barstool CEO stated that he will do anything in his power to make sure that Business Insider pays for trying to defame him with these appalling claims, going as far to accuse him of rape, adding that he was able to debunk 9 months of their investigative work in just 3 days.