Over the past few decades, America has gone from a nation founded by white Europeans based on their Western Civilization principles of government, governance, and economy to a nation where vile Marxists are openly professing anti-white racism and misandry, and trying to dehumanize in particular non-gay white men.

The dire irony is that this Marxist interjection to try to put everything on racial grounds, i.e. to boost racism in all way possible but directing at white people, has arrived against the backdrop of many decades in which the United States had been making steady progress towards a color-blind society leaving any racial injustice that may have existing in the past right there – in the past.

However, apparently there are those on the left – and not just the wokeist extremists on the far left – who don’t want tolerance, color-blindness, and a diverse but peaceful society of amicable inter-racial relations.

No, sir.

They want retribution and vengeance.

They want blood, terror, or, in the very least, total, non-stop, eternal atonement of the white people of today for sins that they did not commit.

They want anti-white racism to reign supreme as a means of revenge for whatever they say happened in the past – and their “version” of the common American past is oftentimes just plain factually wrong.

‘Male Karen with white male tears’

One such vicious misandrist and anti-white racist appears to be MSNBC extremist wokeist host Joy-Ann Reid – and she just gave damning evidence about that by making outrageous comments about the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse.

The now-18-year-old white teen from Wisconsin is being sued for shooting three white men, two of them fatally, while acting in self-defense during the 2020 wokeist riots in Kenosha.

The riots erupted after a white police officer shot Jacob Blake, a black motorist, which left the latter paralyzed.

Rittenhouse says he went out with his rifle during the riots in order to “protect property”.

As he testified in his own trial last week, the teenager broke down in tears.

After on Wednesday, the trial jury was sent home for a second consecutive day without reaching a verdict, the vile MSNBC host mocked Rittenhouse, and accused him of using his tears to defend himself.

The wokeist compared him to the breakdown that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had before Congress in 2018 during his confirmation hearings when he was accused of sexual assault.

In a TikTok video, Joy-Ann Reid viciously attacked Kyle Rittenhouse for being, in her view, a male “Karen” – the derogatory term that wokeists call white women, and for utilizing his “white, male tears”.

The pronounced anti-white racist declared that America has “a thing” for “white vigilantism” and “white tears” and especially “male white tears.”

In the wokeist, anti-white, anti-white male, misandry-infested world of the far-left radical Marxists such as Joy-Ann Reid it doesn’t matter whether you are guilty or innocent.

If you are a white male, you are guilty by default.

The likes of Reid would probably rush in and bash your skull in with a rock if they could.

‘Queen of racism’

The MSNBC host was lambasted and exposed as a vicious racist by Leo Terrell, a long-term black American civil rights lawyer, who became a Republican in 2020, apparently outraged by the wokeist madness exploding in the Democratic Party that he had supported all his life.

Speaking on Fox News, Terrell couldn’t help but wonder about Reid’s references to racism in the 1950s when in reality Rittenhouse didn’t shoot any black people but three white men.

Terrell told host Sean Hannity that there is “something wrong” with Reid, that “she has a problem” with white men, and that “she is the queen of racism.”