A NY Times writer sparked debate on Twitter over the last couple of days with her controversial tweet claiming that all the media coverage of the „supposed” inflation is caused by the rich’s assets losing out on value, adding that they believe the working class is to blame for it.

The writer in question, Sarah Jeong, is a Harvard Law School graduate with years of work for The Atlantic, Washington Post and The Verge behind her, and one would expect that she would have at least a basic understanding of economics and how inflation works.

Sarah Jeong, more like Sarah WRONG

Naturally, the internet jumped to her aid, quickly making sure to show her exactly how wrong she was to even make such a brave statement without fact-checking herself first.

Clay Travis, a political commentator and founder of Outkick made sure his point would get across, explaining to Sarah that the rich are far less impacted by the inflation due to them spending a far smaller portion of their income on products and fuel, adding that inflation is nothing more but a massive tax on the poor.

Carol Roth jumped into the Twitter debate as well, mocking Sarah for her opinion on inflation by telling her that facts won’t care about her feelings and that her claims make absolutely no sense at all.

Like any proud left-leaning Twitter user, Sarah would not let common sense and reason bring her down, and simply turned off the comments on her original post and shifted attention to the many alleged „death threats” she has received over her controversial tweet, continuing her narrative about the rich overblowing inflation fears.

Tweeting #cancelallwhitepeople seems to be a rite of passage into liberal media

This would not be Sarah’s first rodeo with controversy, as a Twitter user under the name of „Garbage Human” collected and presented to the world a number of her tweets from 2018, with many of them containing hate speech against white people, and more specifically white men.

As per usual, the left-leaning media turned a blind eye to that, as they believe that racism only works in one direction and never the other, with the NY Times even standing with Sarah, adding that they hired her on account of her exceptional work and that her being a successful Asian woman is the main reason of the harassment she receives online.

What’s more jarring is that Sarah decided to write her tweet, completely unaware that she would just be alienating the lower middle class which would be impacted by the inflation, by downplaying the issue of inflation herself.

With her net worth sitting at $350,000 she is much better off than most Americans, and regardless of whether she was right or wrong about inflation (she was wrong though), Sarah was in no place to even be commenting on the matter.

Inflation continues to be a worrying issue for many Americans as prices of everyday products, fuel, and energy soar higher than ever before, with experts claiming that the supply chain blockages will last well into 2022.