Chesa Boudin, the highly unpopular and blatantly wokeist District Attorney of San Francisco, has moved to charge a shoplifter who stole $40,000 worth of goods, two weeks after voters forced the DA into a recall election because of his blatant failure to reign in crime.

Aziza Graves, a 41-year-old woman, was arrested on Tuesday for stealing the merchandise in question from the same Target store in San Francisco in a total of 120 incidents over the course of one year.

She is being charged with 120 counts of petty theft misdemeanor and eight counts of felony – meaning that in eight cases she stole merchandise worth more than $950.

She appears to have stolen mainly consumer products that are then sold in “black market” operations in the street just outside the store.

In 2014, the Democrat city of San Francisco downgraded theft worth less than $950 from felony to misdemeanor.

Two weeks ago, a movement to recall Chesa Boudin as San Francisco DA forced an election with a petition supported by a total of 83,000 signatures – with the required threshold set by the city at 51,000 signatures.

In a statement provided to The Daily Mail, Boudin, a Democrat who has been the city’s DA since January 2020, declared that he is proud of the work of his office on coordinating with the police department of San Francisco.

Vows to crack down on ‘fencing’ eventually

He declared that his office is committed to cracking down on “organized retail theft” and “dismantling the fencing networks” making this kind of organized crime “profitable.”

“Fencing” refers precisely to the theft of merchandise in order to sell it on the street to unsuspecting or just willing buyers.

In comments to The San Francisco Chronicle, Boudin revealed that there are over a dozen investigations in the city of organized crime involved in “fencing.”

The Democrat DA of San Francisco was lambasted on social media by disgruntled locals who are outraged over his slow reaction to the issue of organized crime theft and black market sales, with many suspecting that his inactivity in that regard has been informed by his apparent wokeist stance.

Recall effort by his own party

The San Francisco department of elections certified on November 4 the petition for Boudin’s recall, and has set the actual recall election for June 7, 2022.

The effort to remove Boudin has been spearheaded by members of his own Democratic Party, who are outraged by the skyrocketing crime rates after he was inaugurated – and he did get elected on a platform of not prosecuting offenses considered to be lower-level.

The campaign to recall the wokeist DA has raised $1.6 million, according to financial disclosures released by The San Francisco Chronicle earlier this month, while the campaign to support him has attracted only $650,000.

Data shows that Boudin has charged with theft fewer than 50% of all suspects during his tenure so far.

Not to mention that in the year through November, San Francisco’s homicide rate is up by 9.3% year-on-year, assault is up by 8.7%, human trafficking grew by 27.3%, arson grew by 7.8%, and just the overall crime rate increased by 7.5%.