Enes Kanter took to social media platforms to vocalize his displeasure with NBA star Lebron James’ hypocritical calls for social justice in the U.S. while being in full support of the atrocities that China is committing.

Kanter has been a vocal opponent of China over the past years, taking any chance to stand against injustice committed by the communist dictatorship, as well as anyone keeping close ties or turning a blind eye to the human rights abuses happening there.

Lebron James on the other hand has made it his mission to stir controversy, mainly surrounding the BLM movement, often peddling the liberals’ Critical Race Theory and claiming that black people have been and remain to be systemically oppressed in America.

Sadly, it seems that Lebron only cares about what gets him good publicity, as he has refused to criticize China’s business practices, even going as far as criticizing Houston Rockets’ Manager Daryl Morey back in 2018, claiming that he spoke on the situation without educating himself properly first.

Kanter dunks on Lakers’ star Lebron James

Since no one else was willing to disrespect the NBA superstar, it seemed that Kanter was to do the deed, and he made sure to deliver the message, slamming Lebron for caring more about money than morals and human lives, adding that the fact he pretends to care about social justice is outright disgusting.

Kanter then mocked Lebron for „shutting up and dribbling“ when Big Boss Jinping said so, claiming that it was not Morey, but rather James who was uneducated on the Uyghur slave labor that made the shoes on his feet.

No one is safe from Kanter’s criticism, not even president Joe Biden, as earlier this month, the Celtics center demanded that Biden should be tougher on China due to the country stepping towards a certain takeover of Taiwan.

Kanter slammed Biden for being a turncoat and playing with the world’s bully rather than standing for human rights like he had promised during his campaign, adding that the president continuously ignores the topic of Uyghur Genocide as well as the violence against Tibetans and Taiwanese nationals.

Kanter closed this discussion with an invitation to Lebron James and Nike owner Phil Knight, to join him in a trip to China, to show them the slave labor camps that make them the majority of the money in their pockets, especially due to the NBA’s popularity in the PRC, where Lebron James may be hailed as a hero for all we know.