Regular folks who are the de-facto foot soldiers in the evil army of leftist radicalism increasingly seem to be losing it as the vicious agenda of their masters is becoming more and more exposed and resisted, and as the public approval rating of their figurehead in the White House, Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden, is just collapsing.

In the latest such case – and it is quite shocking one since it concerns an actual teacher – a lefty elementary school employee has attacked conservative high school students by telling them to “go jump off a bridge”.

Teachers now want kids to die over political differences

The teacher in question is Kristin Usilton, from Glen Speck Elementary School in California.

Not unlike so many other brainwashed leftist zombies, she has obviously lost all touch with reality, as she actually went and posted on social media a video of herself publicly telling the conservative students to die.

In a clip that she put on Instagram, the nasty 38-year-old lefty teacher attacked conservative students from Paso Robles High School for waiving a “F**k Joe Biden” flag on Veterans’ Day.

In the same video, Usilton seems to be telling her young, elementary school students about how she confronted members from the Paso Robles High Conservative Club.

She says that the high school students with the “F**k Joe Biden” flag “thought” that was “a great show of support” for veterans – and they would be right considering the disgrace and damage that Kabul Joe inflicted upon the US military with his catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan and surrender to the Taliban.

However, Usilton thinks the vets would be offended by the students – which they wouldn’t, of course.

She states further that if “black”, or “Hispanic”, or “LGTBQ” community members “had done that”, “we would have had our a**es chewed out.”

The death wish for the students aside, what is that poor, delusional lefty woman even talking about here?!

In America run by Joe Biden’s gang, the groups that she mentions have been put on a pedestal – never mind that there are so many patriotic Americans among them who disagree with the far-left propaganda – whether they may be actual conservatives or not.

Cheeky backtracking

There is a slight possibility that Usilton might not be totally deranged as later the same day, the California elementary school teacher made another video in which she tried to backtrack on her “death wish” for conservative high schools.

That suggests that she could be at least vaguely aware she’s done something wrong.

That should be considered against the backdrop of how many Commie-lefties not only wish that conservatives, independents, and even other lefties who aren’t radical enough die – or even that they kill them with their own bare hands – and they don’t even have the decency to backtrack after spewing that out in public.

In her second video, Usilton says she won’t be using the “go jump off a bridge” wish again.

However, she does reveal that is because she got a lot of messages about the phrase.

Or maybe the crazy lefty teacher is actually a totally lost soul because she did have the cheek to state that “if you focused” on her death wish for the conservative high school kids, “you’re part of the problem.”

We should all remember that once upon a time the United States was a self-respective nation, the pride of Western Civilization – and it was highly proud of Western Civilization itself, as it has every right to be.

And back then our youth wasn’t “educated” by pathetic America-hating, self-hating vicious Communist losers who only want death and destruction because they aren’t good for anything but fascism-communism.

We should also remember that the day will come when that will no longer be the case, and American children will be safe from disgusting, lying Marxist indoctrination.

Of course, the sooner that day comes, the better.