„Tabula rasa” is the Latin term for an empty slate, and these college „researchers” found their own in the most unlikely of subjects for an antiracism study, and they just so happen to be children.

The test subjects are all 4-year-olds, but the study stated that 5-year-olds would be allowed to participate if they had not yet enrolled in kindergarten.

In the fashion of a blank slate or a piece of paper, another requirement was that the child is as white as they come, somehow hinting that people of color cannot exhibit racism, a pretty hot take, but not an unexpected one from the crowd conducting the test.

This wicked experiment is being advertised with flyers donning the „GoKAR” initiative, where the „KAR” suffix stands for „kids against racism” which might confuse many of the children reading into the fine print as racing and racing cars seem to be a favorite among this crowd.

Antiracism is defined by UCLA’s law professor Kimberle Crenshaw as an active dismantling of systems and privileges that normalize contemporary white dominance, adding that this involves an understanding of the historical whiteness of America.

The Emory University’s Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee doubles down on this and explains that antiracism requires continued work on oneself and their families, urging that the public take the lead from the black voices in the community and fight against the systemic oppression of black people that’s been happening since the transatlantic slave trade.

As per usual the left-leaning crowd chooses to use numerous fancy-sounding words to appeal to every Los Angeles white girl ready to jump on the BLM bandwagon, but the real issue comes up when one notes that, in their ridiculous attempt to victimize black people, they seem to have forgotten to include quite literally every other ethnicity, in turn becoming the racists themselves…how preposterous.

We will teach against racial segregation by using….racial…segregation?

Back on the note of preventing 4-year-olds from joining the Klan, the researchers claim that the program aims to reduce bias in young children and increase awareness of their white guilt and systemic oppression of the blacks.

Antiracism and CRT seem to be the main things liberal media tries to shove down the unwilling throats of every man woman and child in America, and they seem to be focusing on the kids lately, under the pretense of „saving children from bigotry.”

If one ponders how their 4-year-old child could even be racist, or why their child should even be taught race because that kind of seems like the issue everyone is trying to solve here, GoKAR has an answer for every question that pops to mind.

And most of those answers go to their #WokeKindergarten agenda, which seems to do nothing but instill racial segregation and discriminatory programs for children at such a young age, driving a wedge between the two communities where there never was one, to begin with…