The World Food Program of the United Nations has published a brief outlining a spending breakdown of a plan to fight world hunger with $6.6 billion – which could come from the fortune of Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX.

The publication isn’t exactly a detailed outline – it mostly makes it clear that the money in question would be used in order to provide more than 40 million people living in famine around the world with one meal per day for the duration of a one-year period.


The plan brief was announced on Twitter by the Director of the UN foot program, David Beasley, who served as South Carolina’s Republican Governor in 1995-1999.

It comes after an exchange on Twitter earlier this month between him and Musk, following Beasley’s interview on CNN last month, in which he claimed that 2% of the wealth of Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos could help solve world hunger.

Musk wasn’t obliged to react but he called Beasley on it, and said that he would sell Tesla stock immediately and give the $6.6 billion if the UN could explain how that sum would solve world hunger.

According to the “executive summary” of 1,000 words published by the World Food Program, the $6.6 billion in question would be used for meals and vouchers for 42 million people in 43 countries who are “on the brink of famine”, thus helping avoid an imminent “catastrophe”.

The money will provide one meal daily for a year to these people at the cost of $0.43 per meal.

According to the distribution of the WFP, most people who would be helped are in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in Central Africa – 6.729 million, followed by Afghanistan with $5.5 million, Yemen with 5.105 million, Ethiopia with 4.733 million, and 39 other countries with 19.961 million other people.

The executive summary says that global hunger is skyrocketing, and an estimated 282.7 million people in 80 countries have found themselves under “extreme levels of acute hunger.”

That is compared with 135 million in 58 countries back in 2019.


The WFP brief posted by Beasley says the $6.6 billion would could be donated by Musk can apportioned, as follows, $3.5 billion for direct food deliveries, another $2 billion for food vouchers and cash in locations where the markets are operational, another $700 million for new in-country food programs.

The cost of management, administration and supply chain is estimated at a whopping $400 million.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk hasn’t reacted for the time being to the proposal by World Food Program.

His fortune on paper is presently estimated at $288 billion, after previously having climbed above $300 billion.