HBO talk show host Bill Maher, who credits himself as an “old-school liberal and has been increasingly critical of the far left and the radicalizing Democrats since Sleepy Joe Biden occupied the White House, has blasted the most recognizable and possibly most repugnant face of wokeism, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In the latest edition of his HBO show “Real Time”, which was also his last for the year, Maher issued more devastating criticism of the wokeism plague that has been terrorizing the good people of the United States of America.

Dems don’t go where they aren’t adore

He has also issued a challenge to AOC by inviting her to be a guest on his show in order to discuss precise wokeism and the seemingly vicious, racist, and anti-American nature of this subdivision of Marxist ideology.

At the same time, however, Maher predicted that AOC will not show up because the present-day wokeist Democrats “don’t go” to a place “where they aren’t being adore”.

As he was closing the fall season with a monologue, Maher tried to direct the Democrats in the right way for their party, which suffered bitter electoral results in earlier this month, most notably by losing the gubernatorial race in Virginia.

Maher cited critique of wokeism by James Carville, the old-school liberal Democrat strategist, who already blamed the electoral losses on “stupid wokeness” but was dismissed by AOC as an “old person”.

She ridiculously claimed that “wokeism” is a term used only by “older people” and that is telling “enough”.

Maher reacted with surprise and outrage, as he reminded that it was precisely the Democrats, especially those of the radical Communist type such as AOC who brought out wokeism very recently.

Why is woke now a pejorative?

He slammed AOC’s words as they will cause further estrangement of older Democrat voters, and ask what word other than “wokeness” should be used to describe the “plainly insane excesses” by the left, which aren’t even liberalism “but something completely different.

Maher then powerfully declared that the likes AOC cannot have the word “liberal” cover things such as canceling President Abraham Lincoln, or teaching young children that they are “oppressors” – referring to white children as per the horrifying Marxist invention known as “critical race theory.”

The HBO host stated that the more important question for the Democrats is why the term “woke” has transformed from “a rallying cry” into a “pejorative.”

Despite predicting that AOC won’t come to do his show, Maher recommended to the Democrats that they actually go where the “amen corner” is not – such as Fox News, and that they should be brave and face tough questions and tough audiences.

Earlier this week, Maher delivered another powerful blow to wokeism in an interview on CNN with questionable anchor Chris Cuomo, declaring that that because of wokeism, Democrats have become “the party of no common sense.