Not that anything else could be expected by self-conceited, wokeism-conformist, hypocritical lefty celebrities but it is still appalling that many of those have dared to speak out about the acquittal of young American patriot Kyle Rittenhouse of murder charges because he acted on self-defense.

After on Friday, a jury declared Rittenhouse not guilty as in during Antifa and BLM criminal riots in August 2020 he shot three men, two of them fatally, while defending his own life, and as Commie fascists rallied and even rioted in some American cities to protest his acquittal, a number of wokeist celebrities also thought – for whatever reason – that they shouldn’t be keeping their lefty mouths shut.

Instead, they decided to disgrace themselves in the eyes of every single American patriot and defender of freedom and democracy with ignorant and anti-American comments.

Disgusting celebrities with disgusting comments

Thus, singer and actress Bette Midler tweeted that Rittenhouse’s acquittal is a “miscarriage of justice” and Friday was a “tragic day”.

Her comments were just plain dumb as she told her two million followers that the Kenosha teen was found “not guilty” although “we saw him kill two”.

Midler is evidently another one of those who have not heard of the notion of self-defense.

She added insult to injury by “predicting” for Rittenhouse a “big career” in the “RadicalRightWing circles” and on Fox News.

Andy Cohen, the talk show host, also reacted horrendously to Rittenhouse’s acquittal by saying, “What in the actual f**k”.

Another who made a fool of herself was actress Sophia Bush whose reaction was that she has “no words” and “just fury”.

Even more striking was a comment by actress Rosanna Arquette who said she didn’t have faith in the American justice system anymore, and doesn’t wish to live “in a country ruled by violent ignorant racists.”

To be fair, it is easy to agree with her – America is being run by violent ignorant racists: the wokeist far-left Marxists and their murderous Antifa and BLM storm troopers terrorizing American neighborhoods.

The likes of Rosanna Arquette will never understand that, had it not been for the Antifa and BLM atrocities, the Kyle Rittenhouse case would never have even happened.

Same with Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter, Bernice King, who is a far cry from her father who would never have allowed anti-white racism to be rampant in America – just like any form of racism.

Instead, Bernice King in a series of tweets dwelled on “police brutality” against black people.

Voices of reason

Some of the few voices of reason in the reactions to Rittenhouse’s acquittal were those of President Donald Trump and former Fox News anchor Meghan Kelly.

Trump issued an emailed statement to congratulate the Kenosha teen for being cleared of all charges.

He said that if his case isn’t representative of self-defense, then nothing is.

Kelly, however, summed it up best, by stating that “justice was done”, that Rittenhouse was “maligned” by the mainstream media and vicious politicians, and that riots and the “smear merchants” hold much of the blame.