It seems that once Kaepernick was deemed unfit to play football, he had made it his mission to use his skin color to gain popularity among the brainwashed BLM activists, often taking stabs at matters that he shouldn’t, and doesn’t really have a say in.

One such thing would be his vocal displeasure with the Rittenhouse trial as he stated that the verdict is a result of a system „based on white supremacy” that validates the acts of a „white supremacist”, completely ignoring the fact that the kid was just defending himself, as well as the fact neither of the 3 men attacking him was African-American.

Kaepernick’s feelings, however, don’t seem to care about facts as he continued droning on about abolishing the system in his usual CRT-inspired fashion.

Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges, as it was evident that what he did was committed in self-defense as his safety was endangered by 3 men, two of which he shot dead, and wounded the third during the BLM protests in Kenosha.

The verdict did not sit right with the liberal crowd that saw Rittenhouse as a monster despite him just being a then-17-year-old police youth who wished to stop the lawlessness and damage that the protest was causing.

Rittenhouse could’ve faced life in prison had the jury not seen the truth

Apparently, the most qualified to speak on the matter are American football and basketball players, with Robert Griffin III trying to allude that Rittenhouse was acquitted based on the color of his skin by pointing at the 1999 case of Julius Jones, whose death sentence for gunning down an innocent man was supposed to be carried out this week in Oklahoma.

Naturally, the circumstances of these 2 events are wildly different, let alone the fact that they happened over 20 years apart, so a tangent cannot be possibly drawn between the two.

A WNBA star Chiney Ogwumike claimed that the justice system was corrupt, calling her followers to protest the Rittenhouse verdict, adding that social justice must be carried out.

Even Bubba Wallace, the NASCAR driver who urged the confederate flag ban jumped on the bandwagon, „assuring” that had Rittenhouse been a black teen, the whole trial would have gone differently.

Rittenhouse was charged with homicide and attempted homicide and had the justice system not protected his right to defend himself and to exercise the 2nd amendment, this 18-year-old could have faced life in prison for crimes he did not commit.

Kenosha district attorney Michael Graveley stated that his office will respect the jury’s decision and demanded that the general public remain calm and refrain from violence and protests.