It is just unbelievable that America in the 2020s is home to a significant number of far-left radicals, utterly evil Fascists-Communist thugs, whose only wish is looting, violence, and most probably also murder of all those they are trying to dehumanize in order to justify hurting them.

This much became on display on Friday night in a number of American cities which saw rallies and even riots in some places of far-left Nazi terrorists from Antifa, BLM, and other groups of America-haters.

The reason for their outburst of violence: the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse who was found not guilty after shooting three men, two fatally, in self-defense during the August 2020 riots by the same gangs in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Just was served on Friday, as Rittenhouse was completely acquitted.

The courageous 18-year-old American teen was nearly killed as he went out and wanted to help save his hometown of Kenosha, Wisconsin, from destruction in August of last year.

In a melee that threatened his life, the white teen was by his quick reaction, shooting three other white men who came after him.

For them, Rittenhouse is guilty no matter what

Never mind that no people of color were even involved in the altercation: Rittenhouse has been declared a racist, white supremacist, Nazi, KKK member, and all kinds of sins ever imaginable by the vicious far-left propaganda which only wants the total death and destruction of the United States of America.

You see – for the evil Fascist-Communist-Marxist anti-Christs there is no thing such as objective justice, or courts that they would respect.

The verdict is based on skin color and sex, oh, and “gender” – so if you are a white non-gay male, you’re screwed.

They’d rip you apart in tiny little pieces just because you committed the crime of being born into this world.

In New York City, hundreds of militant wokeists rallied in Brooklyn, outside the Barclays Center, furious over the justice that has just been served.

Portland, Oregon, one of the cities that have been terrorized the most by the wokeist Nazis – why?

Simple because the local Democrat-voting populace has allowed it – a crowd of about 200 Marxist criminals attacked and smashed show windows, threw items at police, and tried to burn down the city’s Justice Center, according to KOIN, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Their violent outburst was officially classified as a riot by the police.

Several dozens of people gathered in Chicago, at Federal Plaza, with signs calling for a rejection of “racist vigilante terror”, and for the just acquitted Rittenhouse to be locked up.

The Marxist anti-white racist rally in Oakland, California, attracted about 100 people.

In cities in Northern California, businesses were literally fortified their windows, and the police were putting up barricades in anticipation of wokeist violence.

About 40 people rallied at the Kenosha courthouse.

The rally was peace but did raise slogans against Judge Schroeder who presided the Rittenhouse trial, and called America a racist and “KKK” country.

‘Racist killer’

Vicious Antifa, BLM, and other thugs in New York City, Portland, and other places cried bloody murder claiming that Rittenhouse is a “racist killer” – never mind that he killed people of his own race, and did it only in self-defense.

As testified by world history, the Commie fascist don’t recognize the right to self-defense because they love violence, and love coming to power through violent revolutions.

However, the cowards that they are, they are afraid of fair fights, they just want their victims not to defend themselves but at all, so they can slaughter them.

Of course, armed with their perfidy, the Antifa and BLM gangs found an “argument” to still declare Rittenhouse’s self-defense as “racist” – in their words, he killed people “who stand up for black liberation.”

Wait, what?!

You know – riots are black liberation, apparently.

The fact of the matter is that this “black liberation” thing is nothing but a euphemism in which wokeist Marxists and anti-white racists wish for historical revenge likely entailing the death of all non-conforming whites and non-whites alike, i.e. all American patriots.