A graphic video depicting 4 teenage black girls assaulting a group of Asian students on Philadelphia’s train line has surfaced online, sparking controversy among the general public that viewed it.

The girls, aged 13 through 16 were charged with aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy, simple assault, and a thing the left-leaning states like to call ethnic intimidation, which translates to hate crime in common-sense speech.

Namely, ethnic intimidation seems to be a term only used when neither of the demographics involved in a violent incident is white, whereas the liberal media loves to throw around the word hate crime when a white person gives as much as a funny look to a person of different ethnicity.

Back on the note of the video, it starts with a girl wearing an all-pink outfit, screaming slurs at a group of male Asian students occupying the seats on the Philadelphia SEPTA train, while another girl, dressed in a black quarter zip hoodie punches one of the boys.

The boys, who remain unidentified along with the black girls, do not respond to the attacks, but rather just remain seated, hoping that their bullies will let up and move on with their day.

Sadly, after continuing her profanity for a couple more full breaths, the girl in pink shifts her attention to the one female Asian student joining the group, yelling the same slurs at her and trying to provoke her to strike first.

Much like the boys of the group, the Asian girl avoided conflict, which seemed to have enraged the group of black girls, causing them to throw her to the floor and beat her with their hands and legs.

One of the girls is seen pressing the Asian girl to give up her „air pod” earphones, after which she takes off her slip-on shoe and continues to hit her in the head.

The video ends right after the girl in pink, the instigator of the violence, notices the man filming the video and charges at him.

Bystanders not stopping violent crime seems to be commonplace in democratic Philadelphia

Philadelphia city councilman David Oh has called on SEPTA and the Philadelphia school district to increase safety measures, as violent and disturbing incidents like these shouldn’t be commonplace, especially among the youth.

Sadly, there is no one to police these sorts of atrocities, as only last month a woman was assaulted and raped on a SEPTA train while nearly 10 other passengers stood by and watched in fear, none of them intervening.

The culprit was Fiston Ngoy, an illegal immigrant from Congo who had been living in the US for the past 6 years unnoticed.

The attack lasted for over 35 minutes until a transit worker finally called 911.

Incidents of black-on-white, black-on-Asian, and black-on-black crime are commonly blurred out by the media whose main narrative remains the systemic oppression of the African-American community, but small incidents like these that slip through the cracks show an insight into the real issue at hand.