In another epitome of the crisis of the United States of America of today, TikTok, a “social media” and an app seemingly controlled by the government of Communist China, has almost become the most popular social media app among American teenagers, second only to YouTube.

Spiking TikTok popularity

A report by Forrester Research cited by The Daily Wire says that the highly superficial Chinese video sharing site has now overtaken – among “Generation Z” users – all other social media platforms – expect from YouTube, and YouTube isn’t even your “typical” social media.

According to the US Youth 2021 Survey by Forrester Analytics Consumer Technographics, TikTok’s weekly usage among youth aged 12 to 17 in the United States has increased by 13 points year-on-year – from 50% a year ago to 63% now.

In the same age group, the American teens, the weekly usage of Instagram, which is owned by Meta, formerly Facebook, declined by four points year-on-year – from 61% to 57%.

Another social media app popular with youngsters, Snapchat, stayed flat at a level of 54%.

The same survey still shows YouTube as the leader among American youth aged 12-17, with 72% using it on a weekly basis, which is a three-point increase compared with 2020.

According to Forrester Research’s findings, American teens tend to prefer TikTok because of its “entertainment value”, “short-term variety”, and “positive self-expression”.

Sadly, these three factors pretty much sum up everything that is wrong social media and the way they have allowed Big Tech to control Americans’ lives.

Except now they are allowing the Chinese Communist Party a share of that control.

Apparently, for American youngsters what matters most is an “endless scroll” of “funnier videos” where they can also “express themselves freely”, including “by dancing”.

Who knew that in AD 2021 the human civilization would discover the biggest point(s) of/in life, and those would arrive on the wings of Chinese Communist control.

Trump tried to tackle the TikTok menace

It might be worth reminding that in 2020 President Donald Trump moved to ban TikTok precisely over national security concerns.

In September 2020, the ban was blocked by a pro-Communist Marxist judge, and in June 2021, Democrat President Joe the Sleepy Commie rescinded it altogether, instead asking for some kind of an additional investigation into it.

There is hardly anything to investigate.

TikTok is owned by Beijing-based company ByteDance, and the Communist-run Chinese government has a direct stake in one of ByteDance’s subsidiaries.

Not that the factor with the formal stakes matters at all.

The regime of Chinese President Xi Jinping has recently demonstrated that it can easily dictate the rules and behavior of any private Chinese company, regardless of whether the government owns a part of it or not.

So we might as well congratulate American teens who are on TikTok – the regime of Communist China, which isn’t shy about its plans for crushing America and achieving global dominance, already has user profiles with detailed information on every single one of them.