Khloe Kardashian received massive backlash following her tweet regarding the Rittenhouse trial, where she claimed to be speechless and disgusted, despite not offering any condolences or even statements on the Astroworld incident that happened earlier this month at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.

The tweet was posted without context, but given the timing of it, it was evident what it was alluding to and many were quick to point out her biased and hypocritical behavior.

One Twitter user started things off light, following her narrative, as wrong as it may be, but still urging her to address the lives that were lost for absolutely no reason, all because Travis Scott instigated violent behavior among the crowd attending his concert.

Others would be far more blunt with her, demanding explanations as to why these lost lives are different from those related to the Astroworld incident.

The celebrity mother of one didn’t seem to have got the memo even then, as only 3 days after the tragedy, she would post numerous revealing pictures to her social media profiles, despite her entire family’s attempts to cut back on self-promotional content during this time.

Celebrity doesn’t own their guilt. How shocking!

The comment sections did not appreciate her photos, instead, calling her tone-deaf for her ignorant behavior.

The festival, named after Travis Scott’s latest album „Astroworld” was meant to last for 2 days, with numerous performers presenting their latest work, but was cut short due to a dozen deaths and hundreds of injuries among the concertgoers.

These were caused by Scott’s calls to rush the stage, with the crowd trampling and crushing hundreds of fans who just came to enjoy their favorite artist’s music.

The show was continued in spite of numerous people in the crowd passing out or dying due to injuries, with some even being carried backstage where an ICU nurse who happened to be attending the show was helping anyone she could.

After the scope of the incident was evident, Travis Scott posted a hilariously fake apology video, filmed in black and white, as he continued to rub his head as if he was trying to read a script written in fine print given to him.

Naturally, as is commonplace with these media superstar apologies, not once in the video, or the statements following the supposed „apology” video, did Travis Scott actually apologize, possibly to avoid being branded guilty for the 10 deaths that happened.

The same goes for the entire Kardashian family’s statements in which they do nothing more but offer their sincerest condolences to the families of those who passed, without even once offering any form of closure for those in grief.

Travis has since failed to make a public appearance and leave additional statements on the tragedy.