Last Friday, following the acquittal of 18-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was wrongly accused of aggravated assault, homicide, and simple assault, a group of 40-50 left-leaning „anarchists” decided to take their misplaced rage out on a quiet neighborhood in Queens.

The neighborhood in question is known to be conservative-leaning and that alone could explain why these irrationally violent leftists targeted it.

Saturday afternoon following the massive destruction of property in Little Village, mayor-elect Eric Adams used his time with the news channels to slam these extremists for randomly targeting citizens and destroying private and public property, calling it unacceptable.

Despite coming from the democratic party, Adams seems to have his affairs in order and his priorities set straight and is looking to be a change in a good direction, if not in the right direction for the city of New York.

He claimed that no one in New York should live their life worrying about someone attacking them while they walk home at night, adding that he will not allow extremists to win.

Adams’ history as a police captain might be the thing giving him the upper hand on the democrats who seem to be living in a fairy tale, believing that a society of civilians that police themselves is a plausible concept.

Criminal acts following a fair and just trial

Those arrested in the Little Village are facing multiple charges, including those for rioting, obstructing governmental administration, unlawful assembly, and walking in the roadway, among some other smaller charges, with one of the apprehended even being found to be carrying a hatchet and a hammer, hinting that far more violent behavior was planned.

A similar situation had unfolded in Portland, as the police department declared a riot, only managing to arrest one and criminally cite another protester that was part of a mob that tore down shop windows and wrote offensive graffiti regarding the Rittenhouse verdict.

The riot was stopped after the group tried to breach the gate of the Multnomah county detention center.

Rittenhouse’s acquittal came after the jury accepted his statement of the shooting being an act of self-defense, and the left-leaning crowd’s narrative does not agree with it, meaning that these riots are only a few of many more to be expected.

Had the men who died been shot during any other occasion there probably wouldn’t have been such a big fuss over an innocent kid walking free, but once an important liberal agenda is on the table, the progressives will stop at nothing to push it into the mainstream.