The latest edition of Saturday Night Live, NBC’s emblematic pro-lefty comedy show, was fashioned to mock explicitly the Republican Party, President Donald Trump, and Kyle Rittenhouse, the American teen who was just acquitted of shooting and murders that he committed in self-defense in August 2020 as he went out to stop destruction during BLM terrorist riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

As part of the mainstream media, which are nothing but miserable pushers of far-left propaganda, SNL makes no excuse.

Despite some occasional jabs at Sleepy Joe “the Democrat President” Biden made earlier this fall, SNL appears to be entirely or almost entirely pro-Democrat.

The SNL cold open was in particular focused on ridiculing American justice over the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse which rightfully ended with his acquittal.

And, of course, just to spice it up, they had to throw some nasty mocking of President Donald Trump, just like that – SNL loves doing that whether it’s even relevant in any way to their sketch at hand or not.

Mocking Kyle Rittenhouse and his trial

Thus, the cold open also featured some ridiculing of Fox News since it was a mock-up Judge Jeanine Pirro, the Fox News host, who was played by Cecily Strong.

Strong’s Pirro welcomed Rittenhouse’s acquittal by calling him “a loveable scamp”, a nasty way of implying that he is a vicious murderer who was let go as if he’s done some mischief – whereas the reality is that he was properly acquitted by a rightful American court of law under due process of law.

But, hey, there’s nothing like using SNL-style comedy to push for the far-left wokeist Marxism agenda!

Strong’s Pirro also said that Rittenhouse was “protecting an empty, user-car parking lot” in a different town – further ridiculing of the teen’s obviously noble and patriotic decision to go out that night in Kenosha to face the vicious BLM rioters who only thirst for America’s destruction.

SNL’s cold open then saw Strong interview Mikey Day portraying a highly unrealistic and disgusting version of Bruce Schroeder, the judge in Rittenhouse’s trial.

In it, Day’s Schroeder called Rittenhouse “my client” – another repugnant hint that the trial was unfair simply because it acquitted the teen.

Mocking the Republicans

Then in outright anti-Republican sketches, Alex Moffat played an inept version of Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority leader, flipping his water battle during his 8.5-hour speech on the House floor to delay the passing of Empty Shelves Joe’s $1.75 trillion “Build Back Better” communist spending plan.

At that point, it was, of course, time for SNL to attack President Donald Trump, who was portrayed by James Austin Johnson – replacing Alec Baldwin, the incredibly self-conceited Hollywood hag now brought back to earth after he recently supposedly accidentally shot dead a cinematographer on a film set.

Johnson’s Trump did some not-at-all funny rambling on all kinds of subjects, including singer Dua Lipa.

Another sketch in the latest edition of SNL also explicitly mocked Republicans – and not just the party itself but also all of its supporters – it was a game show entitled “Republican or Not”, in which contestants were supported to guess where a certain person is Republican based on his or her statement.

One of those featured for guessing was Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney, portrayed by Cecily Strong, who the show host said was no longer a Republican.

Not only aren’t SNL’s jokes funny but the show has become overwhelmingly political, and more precisely, leftist, using its “humor” to target conservative, patriotic, and Republican Americans.