Following his acquittal, Kyle Rittenhouse has stated that none of his actions had anything to do with race, adding that he actually supports the BLM movement and peaceful protests in general.

The then-17-year-old shot at 3 men who attacked him, murdering 2 and injuring one of his attackers, who were, ironically all caucasian men, making it even more absurd to deem his actions to be racially inspired.

The protests regarding the trial continued, regardless of Kyle’s explicit statement that he is not a racist person, with hundreds of people marching to and in front of Kenosha’s courthouse.

Kyle described his emotional state immediately after the shootings, explaining that he had to do it to save his life and that he was dizzy, vomiting, and struggling to breathe after a pursuer chased him with a gun.

He continued, criticizing the prosecution for abusing witnesses and prosecutorial misconduct, adding that his case is only one of many where the prosecutors take advantage of suspects to push an agenda they stand for.

The Fox Nation service is planning to release a documentary series based on the case over the next month, but Rittenhouse’s attorney stated that the Fox Documentary crew had been monitoring the Rittenhouse team against Kyle’s wishes, adding that their access to the trials was cleared by those sponsors who paid for Rittenhouse’s legal defense.

The documentary aims to immortalize this young man and his experiences during the trial, in an attempt to show the world the real image of Kyle Rittenhouse, rather than the one of a murderous monster that the left had painted.

White males exercising their 2nd amendment are racist

Everyone else can apparently do it just fine.

The protests don’t look like they will be letting up soon, with some BLM activists exercising their 2nd amendment and carrying assault rifles while marching ahead of the angry crowd.

Protestors carried signs, some of which said „self-defense is not a deliberate headshot” ignoring the fact that Kyle was a trained police youth, and that while defending against numerous attackers, it is either kill or be killed.

Bishop Travis Grant, field director of Reverend Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, called for a federal charging of Rittenhouse, but this continues to remain only a worst-case scenario possibility.

Kenosha protests remained peaceful but were riddled with many protestors carrying firearms, hinting at a bit of hypocrisy on BLM’s end, as they only seem to hate white males carrying instruments of self-defense, anyone else does it and it’s fair game.

Sadly, the enraged crowd can’t always keep a cool head, and a small neighborhood in Queens known as Middle Village was demolished by an anarchist group of 40-50 activists that spraypainted buildings, cars, and windows, ruining this mainly conservative neighborhood’s quiet atmosphere.